Holiday Gems With Flying Tiger Copenhagen!

Going away on holiday with a pair of small children is never as easy to pack for as back in the day when ‘me’ was all I had to think about… Of course for Jonny nothing has changed. He packs himself enough pants, shorts, a pair of flip flops and a few other bits and bobs, takes a strange proprietorial ownership of documents, passports and money and then literally that is it. For him. For me and it’s not quite as simple…

I pack, as well as my own clothes and necessities, ALL the sun tan lotion, towels, showering and hygiene paraphernalia, medical kits, medications (you know just in case), clothes for the children, shoes for all three of us, hats, outfit changes for any airport drinks (or worse) mishaps… You get it… The LOT!

As part of ‘the lot’ I also pack entertainment for the little ones for both travel and our time away. Games, inflatables, fun bits, reading material, colouring essentials… I basically pack a bag of FUN! Now some people say that you shouldn’t waste the space and should just buy all that sort of gubbins once there but I find packing lightly, cleverly and creatively means that I can spare one piece of luggage which can be dedicated to this area and that means money saved (it’s all cheaper in the UK) as well as done and dusted and no time wasted when abroad!

This year for our latest holiday to Majorca I went and picked up ALL the ‘bits’, those fun (yet essential) party pieces ahead of time in Flying Tiger Copenhagen. The shop which literally has hundreds of nicky knacky buts that I want and for a holiday all the stuff I could legitimately justify us needing! Tiger is FABULOUS for on trend, super inexpensive greatness and for summer they have a FANTASTIC range!

I loved what we picked up for our holiday and wanted to share with you the things we found the most useful. I’ve brought everything home again too so they shall be coming out again for our next holiday and frankly I can’t wait to have somewhere exciting to go again – if only so I can get my Tiger Pineapple back on… Look on and you will see what I mean!

We loved this fishing game in a tin! It comes with everything you need for a little game including a pool made from blue felt!

We brought our giant rubber rings (one of which was shaped like a pineapple) and they were fantastic quality!
Talking about pineapples what about these cute beach bags!
And super cute drinks holders! LOVE the palm tree too!
We packed the useful like these watermelon shaped electric fans!
The frivolous such as the blankets (more pineapples) and more games!
Then of course the super fun like our buckets and spades which came as little sets and fitted inside each other!
I adore this cool bag and the pineapple (sense the theme here) shaped cool blocks which were VERY handy!
And I just love how everything is so brightly, colourfully and ON trend in their themes – check out our ping pong bats!
And the kids were extremely fond of the water squirters!
But hands down this was my favourite buy from Tiger for the whole holiday! Its’s a phone case/money wallet/key holder for the sand and it looks just like an SPF bottle! I LOVE it so much that I’ve been using it even after we’ve come home. The writing on the label is hilarious too, you have to go and check them out!

We will be making another trip to Tiger ahead of our Camp Bestival shennanigans because it’s THE place to pick up the best bits for a festival FO SHO! See you then Tiger!

That is, there were no side effects described at

A collaboration with Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

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  1. That fake suntan lotion bottle is genius! I love Tiger so much, I’m not allowed in there unaccompanied anymore… 🙁

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