#HoorayForHappyLand And Your 40th Birthday!

To celebrate the Mothercare and Early Learning Centre HappyLand toy collection’s birthday we have joined in with their blogger competition to make a story board using all of our characters! HappyLand turns 40 this year, WOW! Hope you enjoy our story and join us in saying Happy Birthday to them and #HoorayForHappyLand!

HappyLand Story Board Post
Everyone in HappyLand was looking forward to a trip to the farm to celebrate the town’s birthday! The school children were extra specially looking forward to it because even royalty were coming and they would get to meet the new baby Prince!
HappyLand Story Board Post 1
Father Christmas was at the front of the bus stop queue, he couldn’t wait to get to the farm and catch up with an old friend!
HappyLand Story Board Post 2
The bus arrived on time (because this is HappyLand) and everyone piled on but it was a bit tricky getting the big bulky pram on board. The Queen said ‘Kate dear, I think we need to make a stop at Mothercare on the way home and find you a more public transport friendly buggy’!
HappyLand Story Board Post 3
They were soon on their way, singing songs and looking forward to the birthday farm day out!
HappyLand Story Board Post 4
Soon they arrived and the Farmer and his wife welcomed them warmly!
HappyLand Story Board Post 5
While walking round the farm they chatted and made friends!
HappyLand Story Board Post 7
Father Christmas and his snow man got to catch up with Rudolph!
HappyLand Story Board Post 8
They saw the animals!
HappyLand Story Board Post 9
And took lots of pictures!
HappyLand Story Board Post 6
Then they all came together for a birthday cake tea before heading home (via Mothercare for Kate) and sleeping well having spent a beautiful birthday celebration at the HappyLand farm!


This is an entry to the #HoorayForHappyLand birthday challenge.