#BeeInTheCity? Yes! Really!

Ok, so technically not on the Monopoly board which I’m mainly concentrating my #BeeInTheCity project on by physically going around the board, but I just HAD to post about this!

People think if you are in London that you can’t possibly have the best of both worlds and have green open space as well! I say those people are wrong!

Can you REALLY #BeeInTheCity AND be on the farm with rolling fields? Yes, yes you can!

We took a trip on the DLR (excellent when travelling with the Bugaboo Bee) to Greenwich and walked back past the Cuitty Sark and through the tunnel to Mudchute Farm. You’d never know we were in the City but we absolutely were!

Take a look:

The Bee is perfect for City living but it’s also a pretty fantastic buggy for country life too! As I hope we proved by not even stepping foot out of Central London, who’d have thought!

Easter Holiday Post 1

Us and our Bee having just been allowed to speak over the tannoy and press buttons by a lovely driver as we pretended to drive the DLR train home from our day in the City.


I have not been paid to write this post.