We Started Right With Startrite!

Both my children’s first shoes were from Startrite. They have very narrow feet and Startrite have always fit them really well and they’ve always looked lovely too. I adore the first shoes with their soft soles and because Florence’s feet were so tiny for so long she wore these until she was about two because no one made proper shoes that were small enough!

It doesn’t seem very long ago to me that she was wearing them and it was in fact, only a year ago that Jimmy was in his!

Jimmy shoes

Jimmy having a first outing in his shoes last year!

I was invited to come and see what Startrite are offering for Autumn/Winter 2014 and was very keen as I do so think very highly of the brand! I loved what I saw, especially from their classic collection which apparently has been used by Royalty for generations! Totally gorgeous and just up my street with an old fashioned vibe!

Startrite Post

The classic collection is adorable!

Startrite Post 2

And the first shoes are still just as lovely as are the Mary Janes!

I also loved the girl’s sandals from the summer range and I’m pretty sure most little girls would too! I know Florence definitely would like the sparkly butterflies on the gold pair I found!


Gorgeous sandals!

Startrite shoes are looking really good for this winter and I feel certain that we’ll be booting up when the weather starts to turn again but for now, we’ll be in our sandals thanks very much!

I was invited to the Startrite Autumn/Winter show.