How To Change Your Parents Into Superstars By Pete Johnson – Review!

How To Change Your Parents Into Superstars By Pete Johnson – Review!

Kids fiction in our house now goes largely missed by me because my big kids no longer wish me to read to them and as they are more than happy to go off and read to themselves the first I get to hear about how good a book is, is when they tell me. They have different tastes mostly with Florence preferring books by Jacqueline Wilson and similar while Jimmy is much more into the David Walliams style of writing. Just like when he was tiny and enjoyed the bottom humour of books like “Dirty Berty” this style of writing appeals to him. I think Florence does enjoys those stories too but they wouldn’t be her chosen. Where they meet their bookish minds is when it comes to a more sophisticated comedy like the Tom Gates series which they have both absolutely poured over and spent many books with their noses buried into the pages as they chuckle along out loud and read out various bits which tickle them to us. It’s lovely to see and thankfully there are a lot in the series with new ones always being released. And now we have discovered another funny book series they have come together over – we hadn’t heard of them before but Pete Johnson writes about Louis, who in his first adventure wrote “My Parents are Driving Me Crazy” and has since gone on to write five sequels. The latest being “How to Change Your Parents into Superstars” which we were sent to review!

We obviously hadn’t read the prequels to this book but were advised we didn’t have to. Since reading, I am told by both big kiddos, though true we didn’t have to read the in order, we do HAVE to read them because they have enjoyed this book so much.

Florence read it first. In one day as is her usual style and with lots of giggles she said it was as funny as a Tom Gates , an easy read and she would recommend it. Jimmy had the book next and took a few nights to work his way through but thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s written as a bit of a timeline following Louis as he follows his dreams of being a child comedian aided by his agent and girlfriend Maddy. He’s just been dropped by his mates from a slot on their blog and has a quest to make it big. He didn’t count on his parents going viral…

Jimmy voluntarily reading. And laughing while doing it. This is good!

The style of writing is fun and chatty as a child would talk to his mates. It’s fast and as such becomes a fast read. Good job there’s five more for them to get their noses into!

Cute little illustrations and a really fun style!

This is a great little boredom buster and reading can never be bad. We now insist that they don’t look at screens before bed and the fact they choose to read instead is brilliant. Finding the right material is all it takes!

“How to Change Your Parents into Superstars” was published on June the 19th by Award Publications and is priced at £6.99.

I was sent a press copy for review.