Caramel Tease Sunglasses – By Layoners!

Caramel Tease Sunglasses – By Layoners!

My new Caramel Tease sunnies are the absolute staple of my summer style it seems – I have worn the non stop since I received them last week and love them more and more every time I wear them!

Caramel Tease sunnies by Layoners 36.99 Euros!

A mid price point pair of sunglasses with absolute substance. I was expecting a far more flimsy pair for the price and having seen them in the flesh would happily pay double. They are just lovely all round! A really comfortable fit and exactly as per the picture on the website they come in a box with a drawstring bag and a lense cleaner. They look, feel and seem far more high end than their price suggests they will be but that is no bad point eh, snap them up at this price ladies! SNAP. THEM. UP!

Even the packagins suggests they are going to be more expensive than they are!

I chose mine because they have a large lense (I’m always a bit of a bee stinger) and tortoise shell is a current fave of mine while I thought the wooden arms would be really different and stylish. They are!

I did wonder if wooden arms would be a tad uncomfortable but nope, they’re lush! They also have the most glorious filter to the world in the colour they make everything and I’ve had a job getting them back from my ten year old who has been using them to film her TikTk videos in because she thinks so too!

A great pair of sunglasses with a really fast delivery time and obviously that fantastic price point. I will be back for more because… Well, I am of the mind that one can never have too many sun glasses. Plus also I’m goignt o need to get Florence her own pair or I will lose mine to her forever, For now they are firmly planted on my face but I expect as soon as she gets her mitts on them they will be swept away for good!

I usually buy everyone sunglasses for Christmas so this is the one stop sunglasses haunt I shall be online frequenting this year! They have some gorge ones for men and though they don’t do specific ones for kids I do know that these fit Florence too so…

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