It Doesn’t have to Be Hairy!

It Doesn’t Have To Be Hairy!

It became rather fashionable in recent years to make a demonstration of feminism by growing our body hair. I have to say, without meaning to demean anyone who wishes to grow theirs, the trend is not for me. It neither makes me feel empowered as a woman, a feminist woman, nor does it make me feel attractive.

For me.

Not anyone else but for myself. Perhaps that’s because of years of having it drilled into us that body hair is unattractive, sure? But I’m ok with that. Fashions change, trends move on and, as growing body hair shows, everything can do a full circle and everyone should absolutely do what makes them feel comfortable. For me, that’s removing my hair thank you very much – in almost all places aside from my head. I’d like to include eyebrows in that but sadly, after another fashion trend that shouldn’t have been up my street, I said goodbye to mine via a pair of tweezers in 1996 and they obviously felt so aggrieved by my decision they made the choice to never grow back. It’s ok, I’m good with it and despite the current wont for big bushy brows being seen as the look of the moment, it’s just not for me either. While I’d not go quite so hell for leather on the pluck were I to be 16 again, I just don’t feel like I look right, look like me, when I have them drawn on. Not a slave to any old trend but more comfortable being how I like to look.

High Maintenance? Well, I’d like anything which minimises the time it takes to make me feel great about the way I look, a little less high maintenance if you will!

I shaved my legs for so long with the occasional wax (when I could stand to leave it long enough to get there) but my issues were threefold. I obviously hated growing it long enough to get it to a state of waxability, I have absolutely zero time to remember I need to do it, on days when I need to, like swim days, and I’ve got such sensitive skin I permanently looked a little like a plucked chicken (which for me is preferable to the hair if I’m honest but it’s still not great)! So I’ve decided on something and next time I visit my pals in my old yard, for a capital city jaunt, I’m going to check something out… Laser hair removal, London. I’m certain that this is the thing for me.

I’ve got a friend who did it years ago and had such fantastic results you’d think it’d have made my mind up there and then but it was one I wanted to ponder and having recently seen her after a long hiatus (lockdown) it’s finally made my mind up. You can buy implements to do it at home but the process is meant to be lengthy and nowhere near as effective so it’s a clinic for me and I have to say that the New York laser Clinic comes highly recommended.

Based in London this award winning luxury aesthetic company offers all sorts of treatments with laser hair removal being just one of them. They are a leading provider of advanced, medical-grade laser hair removal and promise that their lasers provide a gold standard and long lasting, pain free treatment for any skin type. They are also effective after just one treatment which is not really what’s ever on offer with the tools you can buy (which are expensive) to use in your own home. As with anything it does really require a professional who knows what they’re doing and these guys do. With their offer of a personalised laser hair removal treatment plan you can kiss goodbye to those pesky bristles promptly and let’s face it, unless they’re eyebrows, you’re hardly likely to ever regret the decision.

No shaving, no growing for wax and no rashes. Sounds pretty perfect if you as me and sounds just up my street for our upcoming holiday next summer (I’m an advanced planner) because for the first time in a long time I’ll be wearing a bikini on a foreign beach and I definitely want to feel and look fabulous. It’s been a long time coming and I definitely don’t want anything a little bit hairy getting in the way!

Bikinis on the beach – something I embraced for the first time in years this past summer but there’s nothing like a bikini day on a beach in the Med and I want to be looking my best when it comes!