It’s Getting Steamy!

I’m a Vax Mummy! Did I tell you? A Mummy Ambassador for the range! I’ve reviewed quite a few Vax products in the past and being a bit of a cleaning nut I’ve always been rather keen when they’ve asked me. I was super keen then when they gave me a shiny new badge for my blog and made me a blogging representative for it of course means more lovely Vax reviews!

One of my favourite types of cleaning (yep, I might be a little bit sad) is steam cleaning! I just love the way you can effortlessly kill germs and get things sparkling in seconds but I have to say, I have tried some steam products which are utterly useless! I bought a steam mop from a catalogue once which was pure rubbish! Vax steam cleaners are completely different though and I have always found them to work beautifully! My latest trial has proved no different!

We’ve been using the Vax Hard Floor Advance+ and yet again I am super impressed with the quality, ease and performance of a Vax product!


First up let’s talk money.

This product is priced at under a hundred pounds and is currently on offer for £84.99. With the regular Vax 2 year guarantee and free delivery this is a thoroughly fair and indeed bargain of a price!

Now, let’s talk use!

Very easy to put together. It always surprises me that Vax products are super easy to assemble as others are often not. This took me minutes and then i was ready to go. Of course there are instructions which are very easy to understand but I find that I never really use them and get to grips with products via trial and error. Everything here is pretty much self explanatory so no errors could realistically occur and within a few minutes I was using it!

It cleaned the tiles beautifully after taking less than the 15 seconds advised to heat up and I even cleaned my carpets with it. You get around half an hour of steam time but actually it’s so quick that unless you live in a mansion then you should be able to get a whole house done in that time. Seriously!

Using the detergent and water it effectively kills 99% of bacteria for 7 days which is absolutely fab with children. The detergent helps to break down any grease and grime and it really, really does leave floors sparkling clean! Also completely streak free which pleases the perfectionist in me.

This is a great steam mop and for the price is utterly fantastic! It would be nice if it had a nozzle attachment so that you could get into really small corners, the shape of it means you absolutely can do up to the walls and into corners but I mean really tight little crevices. (It does come with a scrubbing brush. However, if all you want to clean is the floors, both hard and carpeted then this is absolutely the one for you and there is no need to pay more for something with lots of attachments.

I like the coral microfibre pads too. I have used these before and I have washed them over and over yet they always come out brilliantly and able to do the job just as well as the first time!

This is light weight, small and slim to store, works brilliantly and is a very low cost. I would like to try the Vax Home Pro Compact Steam Cleaner next as it promises similar results, looks like it has lots of attachments and the word compact suggests it would be even easier to store! I’ll keep you posted on all things Vax and if I get to try it soon then I’ll definitely let you know!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent the product for the purpose of review.