Walk In Your Wellies For #MatildaMae!

My friend Jennie is often in my thoughts and prayers. I don’t pray much but when I do she is in them. I think about her every day at some point because she is an amazing and wonderful woman who despite immeasurable heart break is doing everything that she possibly can to raise money for a charity, she’s inspirational.

The charity is The Lullaby Trust. who support bereaved families and try to find out the cause of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which is also known as cot death). The Lullaby Trust also promote safer sleep and are working towards a brighter future where no families have to rely on their support. Jennie’s reason for her support of this charity? Something more terrible than any other thing in the whole world. Her precious baby girl Matilda Mae died in February of this year and her cause of death was SIDS.

Jennie writes the blog Edspire. Edspire is an amalgamation of the words educational and inspirational and it couldn’t be a more suitable name for a blog like Jennie’s where she writes beautifully about her family. She also writes about how they raise money for the trust in her daughter’s name. The next big fund raiser is going to be on 2nd November. A Welly Walk at Beale Park near Reading. Beale Park is amazing, I have been and we had a lovely family day which is exactly what the Welly Walk is all about. You can buy tickets for the event which supports the charity at Beebies Baby Store.

Beebies Baby Store (along with Zapf Creation) are also hosting a rather special auction on ebay where money bid for the prize goes straight into the #MatilaMae fund for The Lullaby Trust. Zapf Creation have donated a very special limited edition doll which is the prize! The Baby Born Polo Doll! They only made three in the whole world. The first was a gift to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the second was gifted to Heidi Agan, the UK’s official Kate Midleton lookalike and the third is waiting to be bid on in this exclusive auction! Get bidding!


I heard something I liked recently, Gloria Hunniford was interviewed by Piers Morgan and I just tuned in to hear her say how she feels about loss. It struck me as a very beautiful way to think of people we have lost. She said that she believes those we love never really die if we keep their memory alive on the lips of those living. Baby Tilda is Jennie’s blog baby and we must keep her memory alive by writing about all the things that live on in her name and sharing them with as many people as we can. Baby Tilda and Jennie are going to make a real difference to so many other people, they already have! Keep writing #MatildaMae, keep her memory making this big difference!

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