Keeping track of your home costs

When you have little ones and a busy house to run the costs involved can quickly mount up and you might think there is no way to keep them under control.

It’s important that you know exactly what your money is being spent on and that you are getting the best price – after all, the average cost of running a home per year is a whopping £9,590!

Consider everything: mortgage repayments, energy bills, home insurance, home maintenance and make sure you are paying the right amount. Hit the comparison websites for the best deals and ring up your council to check that you are in the right bracket for your area.

Mortgage repayments remain the single largest expense, in most cases: the Money Advice Service has a very useful online calculator to assist with budgeting. For a total overview of monthly costs, this infographic will help you break down your costs and compare them to the average UK home.

The cost of running a home – An infographic by the team at Money Advice Service

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