Kid-o-Bunks And Disc-o-Beds Save The Night!

Kid-o-Bunks And Disc-o-Beds Save The Night!

Just before Camp Bestival this year I discovered Kid-O-Bunks and Disc-O-Beds, both fold away bunk beds for travel (I know! And YES, I did say BUNK BEDS!) the former (Kid-O-Bunks) for littles and the latter (Disc-O-Beds) for bigs and seeing as I’d decided that proper camping style beds might be easier than the blow up kind, I HAD to have them! What genius! PLUS, what FUN! Plus, when they’re not being beds they can be a sofa – LOVE it!

One of many major plus points to these beds, especially with kids, is that they can’t burst when jumped on (as inevitably happens when using blow up beds in a tent – like a moth to a flame, it doesn’t matter how many times you shout ‘DON’T PLAY IN THE BEDROOMS) and they are easier to store than a blow up! Have you ever tried to deflate – assuming they haven’t burst – a blow up mattress and get it back in its original box? No? well don’t! And if the answer is yes then you know… Oh you know!

Now, my Kid-o-Bunks and Disc-o-Beds didn’t actually arrive in time fir us to take them to Camp Bestival in the end which may have been a blessing in disguise. Their only pitfall is that they aren’t lightweight and firstly dragging stuff a mile from car to pitch is hard work enough anyway but we had such bad weather and ended up packing up n the early hours of the morning before we got blown away. The beds though easy to put up and pack away (seriously, it does only take about 10 minutes to do both bunks) would have been another very heavy thing to carry so I’m glad that wasn’t our first experience of using them. Instead we took them camping  under normal conditions where we got to park right next to our tent (civilised) and they worked beautifully. Because they are bunks (or you can have them side by side) they didn’t take up too much of a footprint in the tent and despite ours having a sloping room they weren’t too high either. They were perfect in fact. Just not AS perfect as they proved later on in the summer!

We had friends stay with their children for a couple of nights so I put the Kid-o-Bunks up in our room next to the double bed and then with their littlest in bed with them we managed to fit a family of five in one room! We also took them with us to Cornwall where my Dad had hired a cottage that wasn’t QUITE big enough to accommodate us all bed wise… In step the Kid-o-Bunks and Disc-o-Beds once again! My brother slept on a Disc-o-Bed as a single in the living room and the two big kids had bunks with Kid-O-Bunks at the foot of my and Raffie’s bed! It worked perfectly and everyone was very impressed with how they worked and how comfortable they are!

Tucked away and neatly up at the foot of my bed in our holiday home in Cornwall!

The only real issue with them is that someone always has to lose to the argument of ‘who will sleep on the top bunk’! We now have a strict rule that it’s taken in turns and that’s made easier by the fact the kids use a sleeping bag when using them rather than traditional bedding although you could have either!

I think that the beds are absolutely brilliant and we will use them frequently for years to come. When I say they are easy to put up and down I promise you I am not kidding and I can do it on my own in about 10 minutes per duo. I love the fact that the Kid-O-Bunks come with a tidy which Velcros on to each hammock to store a book and a drink and I LOVE how they fit back neatly into their bags. Each bed (so two per set) has its own bag with a carry handle that we have stored under the double bed in our spare room. All four are under there tucked out of the way until the next sleep-over. Now remember I said they were quite heavy? Well, that IS true, they are but they’re not so heavy that the kids can’t lift and carry them themselves!

All in I think they’re a flipping GREAT item and absolutely invaluable for trips away, camping and visiting guests!

I was gifted the Kid-o-Bunks and Disco Beds.