Tum Tum Tots Weaning Set!

Over the summer I wrote about some of the gorgeous Tum Tum Tots products we had been using on our sunshine day picnics and as the big kids went off to school with their packed lunches today it was the bugs food flask that I filled for them with hot cheesy pasta instead of a cold sandwich as per usual. The weather has taken a definite dip for the cooler despite the sun still showing his face and I felt a warming lunch would be far more ideal for this autumnal day!

I also filled a little bear pot for Raffie with some of the pasta so that he can have the same lunch as his big brother and sister. The pot, which has a lid and a little bear on the bottom to find when you finish eating, is also from Tum Tum Tots and came as part of the Boris Bear Weaning Set, £20, which also has a plate with little separators, the best and most non leak cup we’ve ever tried and a double ended spoon. It’s been making Raffie’s lunches super fun!

Fun lunches with the Tum Tum Tots Boris Bear weaning set!

Weaning is going really well with Raffie and unlike his siblings he actually seems to enjoy food which is inspiring me to be more into creating nice things for him. It’s so soul destroying when a baby point blank refuses (you know the lip purse) the food you have lovingly prepared and this time it’s a real pleasure and joy because he gets excited about food and I find it totally satisfying when he opens his little mouth like a baby bird ready for the next mouthful. I remember making some Annabel Karmel recipes with fruit and veg purees mixed with breast milk for Florence only for her to turn her nose up and give me the palm. Because of this I never really tried with Jimmy, I just gave him whatever we were eating and that didn’t work either. It still doesn’t! But this little babe is willing to try it all!

So I’m doing a combination of spoon feeding and baby led weaning and I think little extras like the Boris Bear plate are really helpful to add some extra joy to the process. On this plate I cut up some grapes into ever so small pieces for one ear, another ear had teeny tiny cubes of cheddar cheese and the finger sandwiches are jam which Raffie loved. He wasn’t so keen on the grapes, maybe because they still had their skin on but come on… Peeling grapes is a mug’s game and pleasure though it is to feed him that’s just not going to be worth it! Next time he’ll get some cut up berries instead!

Love how he delicately picks things up and I’m no expert but this has got to be good for his fine motor skills right?!

He also absolutely LOVES yogurt and very definitely says something which sounds like ‘ogurt’ every time he sees it so after this sort of meal I usually give him some with a spoon or if I’m feeling very lazy straight from a sucky pouch. It’s far cheaper to buy a big pot and feed him though and then of course I do get to see his little baby bird action in full swing which is adorable!

The Boris Bear post which is part of the Tum Tum Tots weaning set is great for taking out with you as it has a tightly fitting lid and the spoon with its double end can be used for two different food types when out and about!

The best bit about the set by far though is the cup. I showed on my Instagram stories the other day that it just doesn’t leak! And I’ve thrown that baby about and shaken it upside down for ages yet not a drop gets lost. I really don’t think we’ve had a cup that genuinely doesn’t leak even a tiny bit before so this is very welcome. It has a kind of ball thing at the bottom inside and I know nothing about the engineering of such things but would hazard a guess that this is the saviour. It has a flip lid and a straw which is easy to use and for the two handles on the side perfect for a tiny babe like the Raffster!

We love the cup!

The set is great fun and works really well as well as being from a fab small business brand. I highly recommend it and so does Raffie!


I was sent the weaning set as a gift from the brand.