Halloween Is Just Around The Corner With Wilko!

Halloween Is Just Around The Corner With Wilko!

I love Halloween! The chance to dress the kids up super cutely (I’m thinking pumpkin, or ‘plumpkin’ for the baby again this year), yummy soup made with wonderfully shaped squashes and dressing the house up to impress and spook the neighbours for their ‘trick or treat’ fun! My village goes ALL out and practically everyone has decorations outside to invite the kiddos to knock for a sweet and we love it. Of course we joined in the first year we lived here (London living before that where no one knows their neighbours or speaks it was our first experience) and since then, year after year, I have been adding to our collection of decorations!

We have Bony Tony (a hang up skeleton) and a creeping along the work surface hand amongst other things and this year I’ve added a few bits and pieces to the collection (am actually going to need a bigger box for them all now) from Wilko who have an amazing array of spooky specials on offer at the moment! It was always my aim to get a projector with some sort of effect as lots o the neighbours have these and I was thrilled to find that Wilko have one with rotating ghosts for £15! That was the most expensive thing in my haul it has to be said though and everything else came in under a fiver – bargains!

Absolutely thrilled to bits with my Halloween haul from Wilko!

I got a couple of strings of LED pumpkin lights which were just £2 a pack.  And for just £1 they are selling web with spiders to drape over the bushes in my front garden and also some freaky fabric which I haven’t decided what I will do with yet!

I also absolutely love the skull pitcher and goblets which are £4 and £2 respectively! These will be centre table at the Halloween party I shall throw the kiddos and I will fill the pitcher with red grape juice (blood, naturally)! I’ actually going to go and get some more of these goblets because they’re so cool and you never know who might come knocking for some blood to drink on Halloween – can never have too many!

Skull pitcher and goblet!

Without doubt though, my favourite items are the glittery terracotta pumpkins for lights to shine through their spooky faces! The large copper pumpkin is £50 (WOW) and the small silver pumpkin is £2! They are SO touchy feely too!

The kids have seen these as I had them out to photograph and have asked if we can have them up already… ‘It’s only September dudes’ I said but secretly… I’d quite like to have them out now too. Raffie’s birthday is on the 9th of October and once that’s been we will just get them out and have them out for the duration of October right up to fireworks night I think… They hey, it’ll only be a month until I can get the Christmas boxes out – 1st December and it’s tree up here – see now why I love Halloween?! It’s just an extension of my obsession to decorate festively!

The items in this post have been gifted to me by Wilko.