Peppa Pig’s Adventure 2018!

Peppa Pig’s Adventure 2018!

I’ve been to see QUITE a lot of Peppa Pig at the theatre over the last 8 years and I have to say, it’s always worth a re-visit! I’ve seen the show in London, been to opening night, we’ve seen the Christmas version and caught it at local theatres on tour before – we’ve even seen it at the Norwich Theatre Royal in the past so I knew that it was going to be a good one catching it in Norwich again for the 2018 tour. I also knew that Raffie, even at just 11 months, would LOVE it because his big brother and sister used to have SO much fun when they went and I was super pleased to take him and a friend on Tuesday this week!

On one of our visits to Peppa Pig Live! This was Florence and Peppa backstage at an after party of a Christmas opening and who you can’t see just to the left of Flobo is Amanda Holden so it’s not just US who like the show then!
Look, see Amanda there just desperately trying to push her way into meeting la pig! Ha ha! Tiny Jimmy is looking at her thinking not before me you don’t Mandy! 

It didn’t disappoint and after I balked (considerably) at the now £9 price ticket on the light up whizzy wands (seriously that does annoy me – there’s no need to make the merch so non inclusive for all) we sat back and enjoyed every second of the super clever show!

He had to have one but man £9 was a stinger!

It’s both the same as always AND different,  love how the creators always add something different for the story line and include newer characters as well as a new song or two. They do always stick to a similar format though and that’s what makes them so clever. They know what works! They always sing the ‘Bing Bong’ song, there are always water squirts for George’s tears and muddy puddles and there’s always a scene with glow in the dark creatures. This year it’s animals and birds and part of a dream sequence – my favourite ever was under the sea creatures. Whatever though I would say always that this is the scene for sensory happiness and babies!

Raffie’s pal at age 2 had wide eyes throughout – I suppose in a way that’s like seeing his greatest rock hero for the first time! For Raffie it was a first introduction to the porcine who will undoubtedly become a big part of our lives for a while… And you know what?! I’m happy about that actually. Peppa Pig is awesome for kids and when as an adult you find that you have a favourite episode even (mine is Granny and Grandpa Pig’s Attick – woof tweet) then you know they’ve got TV gold. Transferring it to stage could be tricky but the guys behind this show have it DOWN! The puppeteers are fantastic (I recognised some of them so they’ve obviously been doing it a long time) and it’s all held together with human pal Daisy who definitely knows how to entertain the littles! It’s just the right length with a small interval and well worth the ticket price. I saw an amazing amount of smiles at the theatre on Tuesday and I’d say only half of them from the people in my party!

Two happy boys with their Peppa (George actually) whizzy wands after the show!

We loved the show and my toppest, bestest tip for that expensive old merch is this… Save it and take it again next year! I couldn’t not buy Raff one but I’ll be darned if I’m throwing it out – this is a show we will go back to and back to and back to and that wand is coming with us every time!

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We were gifted tickets in return for our honest review.