Last Day Of School 2021!

Last Day Of School 2021!

We made it to the end of term without any bubbles bursting (for us) and we are out the other side into the school holidays!

Posie just comes along for the ride!

Raffie has done really well at nursery always going in without a second glance and just a happy “Bye mummy, you go to the shop with Posie then come and get me!” and off he goes. He’s thrived with his language coming on leaps and bounds and no more day time nappies – something a few weeks ago seemed like the impossible! My lovely boy loves nursery!

Jimmy has had a wonderful school report and his teacher regularly comes out of class to tell me something he’s impressed her with. Thee last day was no exception and she told me she would miss Jimmy next year and that he’s just such a lovely boy. Well we are so proud of him!

Florence finished primary school marking a new era with great poise. Her report was just lovely and mentioned kindness in many places. She also works very hard and though we don’t know where she came from with her work ethic we are in awe of her.

The end of an era indeed with one off to high school and it feels like yesterday my big baby girl was an actual baby and taking her first steps into primary school. Can’t believe its high school after the holidays!

Her first day!
I remember it like yesterday. How 7 years have flashed by I don’t know?!
And now!

And now onto the summer holidays to enjoy their company for 6 weeks of hopefully glorious sunshine and fun. Oh I do love to have them home!

My gorgeous four on the last day of term!