Lay Down, I Think I Love You – With Aldi!

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Jonny bought me a bag once with a label inside which read ‘Lay down, I think I love you’! I thought that was really cute. And cool… It gave me the idea for the name of this blog post which is all about bedding and although these days, these pregnant days at any rate, a command of ‘lay down’ really does just mean I need to lay down… I still want pretty divine sheets to do so in!

We had a new bedroom built recently in our loft and it’s pretty bare at the moment. I have pictures in the stair way leading up to our master suite (oh it really IS a master suite and is amazing!) but aside from that nothing which makes it really feel like ours. It’s white and plain and although that’s lovely having come from a cluttered (no option) tiny flat, I do want to put my stamp on it with some design features here and there.

We bought bedding cheaply because I didn’t want to set my sights on anything until I knew exactly what I wanted but you know what? We bought so badly. I really didn’t invest any time into my choice and simply focused on not spending much until I KNEW I had found the one – but you know what they say… Don’t go to bed with just anyone! Oh I really should have listened to that! Our cheap and hastily bought bedding is rubbish. No, no really, it truly is awful so I was thrilled when I found that Aldi (my mecca) were having special buys on bedroom interiors this week with their 400 thread count sateen bedding for £39.99 and the fitted sheets are just £12.99 (both prices are for King sized)!

My Mum has been telling me to snap some up as soon as they come on sale (the special buys are weekly and when they’re gone, they’re gone) so I was very lucky and secured myself some. You can actually order on line as well but lucky for me we have a brand new shiny Aldi opened up just around the corner so I can always nip in!

Tomorrow I’m going down to the one near my Mum to help her best friend who is buying a trampoline. It’s a Plum 8ft trampoline for about half the RRP and because she doesn’t have a car I’m going to pick it up for her. You can get everything at Aldi!

I’m loving my new bed sheets and will definitely be buying some more. We have rather a lot of beds in this house so to be able to dress them so beautifully for such an inexpensive price is brilliant and you know what, it really isn’t going to bed with just any old thing I can tell you! 400 thread count and sateen means super soft and gorgeous! I love Aldi and I love their special buys… Wonder what will be on offer for home decor next week?!