Pregnancy Diary – 24 Week’s Pregnant!

24 week’s pregnant and I have to say time is dragging. Maybe because this is my third pregnancy and I am just totally done with being pregnant now or perhaps because I am super impatient but this seems to be the longest pregnancy ever! Friends keep saying how quickly it’s going but they want to be the one saying ‘no thanks’ every time a Pimms is offered… Yes, I am feeling very grumbly about the fact it’s sunny and I can’t sit outside with a glass of something cool as I would usually. Let’s call it hormonal!

This grumpiness makes me wonder if I am having a girl because I felt this way with Florence but didn’t at all when I was pregnant with Jimmy. I craved everything bad with my first pregnancy which also seemed to go on for years but with my second, my boy, I was like a picture of motherly virtue AND I enjoyed it… I’m probably wrong but that’s the sign I’m taking for it so we are busy trying to think of girl’s names. Another sign that tells me it’s a pink one is that we are all set for boy’s names but totally up in the air for the other way around and it would be sod’s law of course!

Physically I am feeling fine which is a relief and I am finally enjoying food again. Which might not be such a good thing… I didn’t put on ANY weight at all for the first 20 weeks then in 2 weeks I put on 6 pounds. SIX! I mean that’s obscene isn’t it However, it’s stayed that way for the past fortnight and I haven’t gained anymore so I’m just trying to be a bit careful and not let it pile on too rapidly… Eek!

My bump is still quite small and could easily be mistaken for just being fat which is rather depressing… I’m pregnant people not JUST fat… Ha ha.

This was my bump two week’s ago when I’d just had my sudden weight gain. Luckily I haven’t put any more on since then. I think there IS a bump isn’t there? But… I guess not enough for people to confidently offer me a seat!

Pregnancy best bits from the kids this week:


Really I just like being the baby of this family Mummy. Does the baby have to come? Cuddle me to sleep please. Oh dear… What do I say to this? He’s struggling and it’s hard to reassure him when it’s all a bit unknown for him…


I can’t wait for the baby to come and I’m going to be such a great big sister and help you all the time! What a darling she is…

I don’t usually include anything from Jonny on account of him not being a kid but… Considering the children haven’t actually said anything funny recently and he has I thought I would include this!

Me: Jonny do I look pregnant yet?

Him (trying to say what he thinks I want to hear and failing): No, NOT AT ALL! You just look like you’ve put on weight!

Huh… Well cheers for that then…

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