Project-B – A Little Bit of Luxury For Pregnant Mamas!

This pregnancy is my third so probably the least indulgent. First time around I still had only myself to look after and could take all the time in the world doing things for myself. When I was pregnant with Jimmy things weren’t so easy with a toddling Florence to entertain and look after and this time, well… With two other children let’s just say the pregnancy has to take a back burner.

It doesn’t really matter that I felt sick for 20 weeks, I just had to get on with things and the same goes for when I’m tired and just feeling a bit hormonal. I don’t want to not enjoy any elements of this pregnancy though and all I seem to do is moan so I have been trying to find ways to make it as enjoyable as possible.

One way is that every month I’m being sent a little treat from Project-B. Project-B is a monthly subscription box dedicated to us pregnant mammas and whether it’s your first time, first trimester and a whole new experience or if you’re like me, on baby number 3 with no time or energy and mid way through, it’s the perfect way to indulge. Even if you don’t have much time to do it!

The box is filled with products personally chosen for you and your stage of pregnancy and this is perfect because I’d literally never get the time (or impetus) to go out and buy myself some bits and pieces which are both lovely AND handy!

I’ve had three boxes so far and each time I have been sent something for the baby, something to eat, something for my poor dehydrated pregnant skin (I slathered myself religiously to avoid stretchmarks the first two times and I swear this time I wouldn’t have even bought anything by now if it weren’t for my Project-B boxes!) as well as a magazine and a book and other treats like Pregnacare tablets. some of the items are trial size and other are full sized and totally indulgent like my Dove hair treatment which came in my last box.

I’m loving finding new things to try and nibble when I feel sick and just being pampered even if only for a short while… Love my Project-B boxes and can’t wait to see what I’m going to get next!

Here’s a few of the things I’ve been sent so far (and when I say a few I mean it… I’ve used loads of the things already and they were no longer photographable I’m afraid)!


Do check out for more information on their service (which would be an AMAZING present for a pregnant friend by the way), what the boxes contain (they are monthly and dedicated to your specific stage) and also just to check out the informative blog they offer which has tips for everything pregnancy related from labour to exercise!

I have been sent my Project-B boxes for review.