Saving Time With Bidvine!

Time is not something I have a tremendous amount of at the moment. I can only imagine when the baby comes it will deplete even more so I am trying to get myself organised and into a routine right now so that in a few month’s time everything transitions with our new family member as easily as it can.

I’m thinking about ordering my supermarket groceries to be delivered (have never done this before) and lots of other little bits and bobs to ensure the time I do have can be spent doing what I want to do. At the moment I split my time between looking after the kiddos, working and for a bit of me time, going to the gym. I mainly just swim rather than using equipment but it’s giving me an enormous sense of well being and definitely helping to keep (some) of those pregnancy pounds at bay. When the baby arrives I am going to have to juggle the time I exercise differently and do more evenings sessions but where there’s a will there’s a way!

I said to my Mum this morning that I will probably try and get a personal trainer for a few sessions once I’m back in action and that I’m going to use Bidvine to find the right personal trainer for me. Using a service like Bidvine means I get to find the perfect provider (in this case a Personal Trainer) for me but I get to look at lots of different ones before I decide.

So it works like this, Bidvine ask me questions online regarding what I’m looking for. I then complete a short survey for them and will say a P.T who can work evenings and will allow me to have just 5 or 6 sessions before letting me go on my merry way. I will say I want them to come to the gym with me and show me what to do so they will need to work close to where I live. Bidvine then contact relevant providers who they will then share my requirements with and then they provide me with their bids for the work. Pretty good huh!

Love that I get to shop around for services bespoke to me all from the comfort of my own home!

No scouting around on noticeboards or looking on Facebook for individuals I haven’t a clue about just the right people for the job I am requesting. I love that with Bidvine I can be very specific and say exactly what I want with regards to a fixed fee or a number of times I require the service. And then there’s absolutely no shopping around for me because they do all the hard work and I just choose… If only all shopping could be this easy!

This is definitely a service I shall be using more often. Obviously when it comes to choosing people to work on the house (which is on going for us) it’s going to be brilliant but for now I shall just dream of getting my tummy out once this baby has been evicted!

Been a while since I could see past my tummy but one day it will come back!

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