Bush Baby World!

Every year I attend an event called Dream Toys which showcases the toys the industry believe will be the MASSIVE sellers every year for Christmas. They usually get it spot on but I have to say I often have my own suspicions which have been proven right way before the toy retailer’s association makes their announcements.

We all remember those toys which were the hits when we were kids and it’s going to be the same for our little ones. I think for me one year it was Pregnant Pound Puppy and her pups and definitely another year the Boglins took the toy craze by storm but that was obviously back in the day… What will be the toys our kids remember everyone being desperate for? I think we can safely say anything from the Frozen range is a given but this year… This year I believe it’s going to be the new plushies, collectibles and play sets from Golden Bear. It’s going to be all about Bush Baby World this year and you can introduce yourself first right here by taking a sneaky peek at the video below!

The new exciting toys were launched at the London Toy Fair earlier this year and are absolutely set to be on one of those stands declaring them the next big thing at Dream Toys later on. Golden Bear are certainly on to a winner!

So… Think you’ll be rushing out to buy some of the new toys from the Bush Baby World collection? I can bet a lot of us will! What were the massive crazes when you were little, can you remember?

Collaborative post.