Let’s Go Dutch!

I found myself saying this about another buggy brand the other day and now I’m saying it again; the Dutch sure do know how to make a great buggy!

Why? I’ve no idea! But they do. I love buggies and I have to say that if I know they are designed in Holland then I can be pretty certain they’ll be good. Nuna, who are new to me actually, are no exception it seems. Yesterday I went along to have a peek at the new Nuna IVVI, which will be exclusive, in the UK, at Kiddicare and I was very impressed with its sleek lines, light weight and practical yet beautiful seating arrangements. It also had a wealth of small design features which make it, for me, a big boy in the buggy world!


Jimmy getting comfy in a Nuna IVVI – Exclusive to Kiddicare!

I’d say the IVVI is probably a bit too big for my personal lifestyle, we live in a terrace conversion first floor flat in London, but if I were still living in Norfolk (or had a bigger pad) then this buggy would be ideal. It has super wheels which look like they could cope with lots and a seat which takes seconds to change from world to parent facing! There is a carrycot which can be bought  in addition but actually the seat fully reclines and I think it looks perfectly fine for a new born as it is. It’s also compatible with the Nuna PIPA group 0+ car seat as well as Maxi Cosi infant car seats so a full on travel system and stylish buggy all in one.

The launch party was absolutely ace and the children got to do lots of arts and crafts while I had a closer inspection of the IVVI (and ate lots of party food!). Folded with the seat off and it’s actually not all that big, the frame is light and the handle easy to hold. It would easily fit in the boot of a small car! Like I mentioned, the wheels are pretty sturdy and I think it would be excellent on a long country walk, I can imagine it dealing with rough terrain well!

Us enjoying the party to launch the Nuna IVVI! A Fab new buggy to play with Crafting and a nail bar, what more could a girl want? And Jimmy loved it too!

The most fabulous part of the design for me is how the straps can be adjusted from the back just like you would adjust the recline. Instead of threading the straps in and out of holes as would usually be the case with a buggy, you simply just move them! What a great idea, especially if you use your buggy with two children like I do mine! Sometimes I carry Florence or she goes on the buggy board but other times she will go in the buggy while Jimmy is in the sling. The straps are a pain to move and I just end up not strapping Florence in because of it so this is a great solution!

An AMAZING basket, great hood which extends and an easy push finish it off nicely – what more could you ask for? It’s definitely going to be a contender with other glam buggies I’m sure. For £600 I’d say that’s not a bad price at all!


Both Florence and Jimmy had a great time at the party with giant felt tip dabber pens and plenty of party food! Thank you Kiddicare for inviting us!

I have not been paid to write this post.