Old Ladies Are In The Know!

This week a friend of mine announced some super exciting news! Some news which I have been privy to for a few weeks already. She is expecting a baby come the end of May and I just want to say a massive congratulations to her in my own style which is, of course, on my blog!

This person is very special to me. I have known her for 22 years. That’s an awfully long time you know and it makes me feel very, very old!

This person hasn’t had the easiest times in her life and has been through more than anyone ever deserves to. If I told you her story, and I won’t for it’s not mine to tell, then I know you’d be as happy for her as I am!

This person is pretty amazing actually.

I want her to know this:

If you need me for anything dear friend then I am here for you. Ask away my love and if I can answer I will. I am happy to give you advice and tell you of my own experiences but I don’t mind if you ask for it then disregard, for life as a Mummy is about finding our own way and doing what’s best for our own family. I know how exciting this time is and I know all the other emotions too, the worry, the fear, the wondering! These are the three things I want to tell you about first being pregnant, from one mummy to another – because that’s what you are now!

  • Don’t worry about money. It just works out in the wash somehow? If we all waited to have children when we had ‘enough’ money there’d be no babies born ever! It is something you will think about now but when the baby is here, ahhh well… You’ll scrape by somehow…
  • Yes you will be a good mother. I’m sure when first pregnant we’ve all thought ‘will I love it? will I be good enough? Will it make me happy and I it?’ The answers are yes, yes, yes and yes. You’re you and you will be utterly wonderful! I know this because I know you!
  • Have I done the right things? Have I done anything wrong? I bet that’s what you’re thinking isn’t it! I bet you’ve done everything perfectly but try not to fret if you’ve had a sniff of blue cheese! You can get too bogged down in what you can’t do and what you might have slipped up on! I remember feeling very annoyed that I couldn’t go in the sauna and terribly worried that I’d forgotten to take a day of folic acid but try to focus on what you can do: Get people to give you their seat, have everybody shower you with attention, wear wonderful floaty kaftans that would otherwise make you look like a bollox, eat food until it comes out of your ears and no one will judge you – that’s my own personal favourite! There’s loads of things pregnant women can do!

My lovely friend remember this. Old ladies smile at pregnant women, they want to touch your tummy and they give you lots of long understanding looks. They don’t do this because they are annoying or nosy! They do this because they have been in your shoes and the journey was so amazing that still they remember how powerfully wonderful it was and probably wish they were doing it all over again themselves. They look at you with fond memories and admiration for the start of your journey – this is where life really begins my friend, this is where it all starts and everything that went before it? Pales into insignificance! I promise! xxxx


This week has seen me be quite a boring Mummy really. I took the children out for lunch and to playgroup on Monday but since then I have been doing jobs around the house. Florence has been at nursery school so she’s been having fun but my poor little Jimmy has been stuck in the house while I clean it and get washing done. He’s been happy enough but I know he’d have been happier if we had been going out and about…

I have lots planned for the end of this week and the weekend is positively packed to the max so hopefully that will make up for it. We have more ice skating, theatre and cinema all coming up so we’re very excited. I actually won a holiday this week too but unfortunately it was to go next week and we just can’t make it! I’m so annoyed but we shall fill next week with lots of fun anyway!

Because I haven’t been doing much exciting, I haven’t really taken many pictures either so I’ll leave you with a couple of my favourites from last Sunday when we were ice skating at Somerset House! Somerset House Ice Skating

I love these two pictures because they show the love Florence has for Jimmy and vice versa. She often says ‘I wish we could have a girl baby’ but she adores Jimmy! Often I will catch her giving him a cheeky kiss and cuddle and when I was talking about something another baby we know can do the other day she got very defensive and quick as a flash said ‘Jimmy can do that too’! They were both saying ‘cheese’ for the first photograph and then completely un prompted Florence gave him a kiss! I think you can see just how much Jimmy loves her back by the look on his face! They’re a great team!

I’ll be back next week and because I’ve got lots of jobs done this week my news will be more exciting next time! In the mean time please do follow me on Twitter @rocknrollerbaby.

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