Lockdown #3 Diary – Week Five!

Lockdown #3 Diary – Week Five!

Well, this was the week which started with a sweep on Monday morning and resulted in us bringing Posie Pamela Honeybee Knowles home on the day she was born, Wednesday the 3rd of February 2021!

She is perfect and not much else happened this week other than us looking at and loving her. I will write all about her in another post but for now, here’s our week in pictures!

Well, everyone said to eat pineapple so I gave it my best shot!
I really wanted the kids to have a treat on Monday because I knew it was about to happen!
Big kids thought it was great!
So, I left Jonny with the big kids, took Raff to my Mum and had a sweep early on Monday morning not expecting it to do anything!
But come Monday evening I was niggling and by 3am on Tuesday contracting every 3 minutes! I made their snacks and lunches, ran a bath and then everything slowed down!
So I set about doing normal things with the kiddos and began to bake biscuits with Raffie before my waters just popped!
And there’s a long and lovely birth story in between but Posie was born at 01.37 on Wednesday the 3rd of February 2021. I will tell her story soon but for now…
Here she is!
Absolutely adored straight away!
By Daddy!
Big sister Florence!
And not just one big brother in Jimmy!
But two big brothers with Raffie love too!
I guess a few other things happened this week like we had some snow but mainly…
But mainly we’ve spent our time falling in love with Posie Pamela Honeybee!
Who is all kinds of special just like her siblings!

One thought on “Lockdown #3 Diary – Week Five!

  1. Oh goodness, it’s the first time I’ve taken a look at anything like this. How beautiful it is to not only get to read about you and your lovely family, but to get the chance to see pictures of them, and how can I forget the cute little video of Posie having a cuddle with Raffie while he’s marvelling at her and telling us about her little tiny fingers. It’s brought a bit of happiness to the endless days of lockdown. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful part of your days and adventures with everyone. Congratulations to you, your husband and Grams on the safe arrival of Posie. Also congratulations to Florence for getting such great news attaining a place in her choice of high school, I’m sure she will do exceptionally well and achieve amazing future. A big high five to both big brothers, I grew up with two older brothers and they were great fun to play with, I’m sure that you’re going to have such amazing fun with your sweet little sister. It’s clear to see that you all love and care immensely about each other and I wish you all the very best possible for the many years to come in the future. Maybe some people would think it strange but I’m going to send you all virtual hugs anyway, because it’s not every day that I’m able to feel warm inside, so thank you all so much..👩🏼‍🎤🐕☃️💜 love from Mikaiya and Boo-boo (🐕) xx

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