Lighthouse Clothing – Outback Full Length Raincoat!

Lighthouse Clothing – Outback Full Length Raincoat!

I’ve always been a coat hoarder and have literally about 30 of them – don’t tell Jonny there’s still that many as he made me have a cull recently and I diligently went off to the recycling bank with a bag of my coats which only had about 3 in there but he thought there was a lot more. I store them in vac packs under the bed and have no intention of getting rid of any more (it pained me to part with the ones that I did) and on top of that I do still keep accumulating them because…

Well, a coat is something which can last a lifetime so it’s a flipping good investment if you choose wisely and in my collection I have coats that belonged to my Grandma and even my Mum’s old ones from the 80s that she no longer wanted meaning they can clearly be passed down the generations too. Two of my fave coats are actually ones I’ve had since I was about 18 and that’s just another reason, they still, like shoes, usually fit no matter how much time has gone on. like shoes So, in my mind, a good coat is never a wasted purchase. NEVER!

My latest new coat, again, let’s keep this on the down low from Jonny, is a full length rain coat from Lighthouse Clothing which is absolutely GORGEOUS! And timeless in the design. I could just as easily be in the 60s as the 8-s as right up to date when wearing it and I am in love with yet another coat – it’s a good job we aren’t expected to be monogamous about our love affairs with clothing hey!

My new Lighthouse Clothing full length waterproof coat is called the Outback!

Being pregnant I opted for this Outback Full Length Waterproof Coat to be a size 12 as I wanted it to fit over the bump – there’s actually ample room at full term though I I reckon I could have gone for a size 10. I love a bit of oversize but if you prefer a bit more of a fitted look I’d bear in mind that they are generous sizes!

As you can see, done up around my 9 months pregnant bump and I still have lots of room with a size 12 – I’d say not pregnant I’d usually be a 10 and pregnant have been wearing mostly size 12 normal and non maternity clothing!

Lighthouse Clothing say that this coat is highly waterproof, highly windproof and combines a classic heritage look with fresh, modern design. They also say it blends elegance with functional features. I like the pockets, love how the rain literally bounces off it and because it covers my whole body it’s perfect for walking in the countryside where we live but I’d feel just as comfortable (and fashionable) wearing it in the city!

I chose it in the colour Fern but it comes in 5 other shades too!
It has a full length, two way zip, poppers all the way up, a draw string for the hood and these wonderful shoulder wings!
The protective shoulder cape is the visual element I like the best but it’s practical too!
And as you can see, it functions as a raincoat pretty well protecting me from the elements!

I’m now a big fan of this new coat of mine with its adjustable cuff tabs, cuff turn backs, underarm cape straps, adjustable back walking vent, pockets, detachable hood and loads of other plus points to boot! It’s both a stylish and practical addition to my coat wardrobe of dreams!

Oh and the inside is almost better than the outside – corduroy lining of checked beauty – WITH adjustable centre leg walking straps, I kid you not!

Looking forward to lots more countryside stomps in my new coat which let’s face it, during lockdown it just about all we can do. I will also look forward to wearing it someplace soon where I can wear it outside, in a public space and show it off to actual other human beings. For now, the blog will have to do and once summer arrives I might start looking at something entirely different!

Jackets, coats, I love them all and punk jackets are due to make a bit of a splash this season so watch out, I might just find my inner 80s and punk it up!