Lockdown #3 Diary – Week Seven – February Half Term!

Lockdown #3 Diary – Week Seven – February Half Term!

Lockdown fatigue is a thing apparently and as we’ve come to the end of the seventh week of this latest lockdown I think we’ve well and truly reached the end when it comes to lockdown tolerance. I know it’s necessary and I also know that we are, in general, luckier than most and yet still this all feels very grim now. I am craving some normal levels in my life like seeing family and being able to drive to the beach. I don’t want to go to a party or live it up in the pub but I do want my family to be able to spend time together. We have all reached a point now where the detriment distributed by this isolation is starting to feel like it outweighs the risk. We have this lovely new baby who should be meeting the family who love her and for the family they miss out on that too.

I’m ready for schools to re-open and let’s just hope they start at that and that alone for a while so that we can see how drastically affecting that is to the numbers on its own otherwise, opening everything together, it will be a bit like trying to find out what you’re allergic to while still consuming all the things.

I had looked forward to half term and Jo home school but while the daily arguments about maths and English are horrendous, at least we had a purpose. Half term has been an empty void of not knowing what to do but with hours stretched open to us. It’s been shitty. I am a do-er, a be-er, a person who loves to be out and about and in fact my children usually have Gram’s sympathies as they don’t get down time while we hop to London, day trip, see friends and stay out as long as possible but I think we all know in the future no one will want that down time ever again.

We need people and places and purpose. This is no life. It has to be but it is no living, it’s existing and we all deserve more than that now. Next month marks a year. We have to find ways now because I can’t do another school holiday without even the ability to take a car journey 15 miles to a deserted beach. Here’s hoping.

I didn’t take many pictures this week. There’s seemed little to record and that’s not like me, I think that’s as bad as it gets as I am a bright and positively light kind of person but for it to have even got me down and that speaks volumes!

The big kids and Raffie had a sleepover at Gram’s Sunday night so woke up Monday morning there. Raffie missed me terribly so I don’t think he’ll be having another one any time soon!
My EDP article was all about “Home Half Term” and how I think it’s even worse than “Home School!”
We did a lot of Posie watching!
She turned 2 weeks old, a fortnight of loving her and yet it’s hard to remember there ever was a time without our little Posie of flowers!
Raffie did a lot of puzzles while there was a lot of screen time for the big kids. Rubbish but what else?!
Posie decided she loves a bath – girl after my own heart!
Her little foot though!
The boys had a living room camp out in the SPF tent with lots of sweets. There may have been sick. At least it was contained! This was the highlight and how rubbish is that!
Charlotte from Charlotte Gray Photography is a genius for taking these!
We were lucky enough for Charlotte from Charlotte Gray Photography to take Posie’s picture as we were helping her with a work project (all totally legal as werk for her and we had covid tests and stuck to the rules)!
Posie by Charlotte Gray Photography!
Posie by Charlotte Gray Photography!
Posie looked ever so tiny in the Baby Bjorn bouncer on Saturday!
And super gorgeous in her hand knitted cardigan and pink blanket from my lovely Insta pal from Ireland @Over50OnTheOutside – what kind gifts!
She continued to be adored by her big brothers, especially this one – I think these two are going to have a mega bond you know!
We went into the city for a walk and to do some jobs. Of course we had a foodie market treat!
Banger Stop and chips – Yum!
My gang and me!
We took Miss Posie in the sling. This is the Colse Parent one which I have had since I had Florence and is one of my fave slings for a newborn!
You can’t have a Norwich Market feast without a portion or two of churros!
Just ask Florence and Jimmy, they’ll tell you!
We had a little wander around Florence’s new school campus – how exciting!
Raffie found a tiny door!
And then back at Gram’s he showed Posie what the play gym is all about!
I think she likes her car seat! It’s a Coral by Maxi Cosi and means she can lie almost flat which is perfect. Jimmy thinks it looks like Baby Yoda’s bed from The Mandalorian!
A family walk/roller skate on Sunday ended up with a walk/piggy back home!
And then Sophie from Feed Felix Fast delivered the best “welcome to the world Posie” present ever! She had no make up in and refused to have her face in the picture but she looked as gorgeous on the outside as she is on the inside and that’s pretty special amounts!
A roast dinner cooked by her for us with all the trimmings!
And prosecco!
And sticky toffee pudding! Amazing!
Posie even joined us at the table in her Tripp Trapp!

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