A Nursery Space For The 4th Baby!

A Nursery Space For The 4th Baby!

Having our fourth baby and we’ve picked up a few tricks along the way when it comes to making space for their arrival. The truth is new babies don’t actually take up much space when it comes to their sleeping arrangements (gadgets and gizmos I’ll concede they do on the other hand) and though we have made way for a new baby by delivering gorgeously decorated nurseries for each of our children before the latest arrival, we have decided to hold fire on a whole bedroom for our fourth bite at the baby cherry.

The reason being that babies number 1, 2 and 3 didn’t sleep in their own rooms until they were at least two. We had these gorgeous spaces all set out for them but alas, they were never used. This time we’ve been savvy and because our own bedroom is huge, taking up the whole of our loft and with two clear areas of dressing and bath on one side with bedroom on the other and whole open expanse in the middle doing nothing we decided to use the central area to house the baby days for a while. We are lucky and DO have the space and the plan eventually will be to move Florence into the guest room, the guest room into Raffie’s room and have Raffie and the baby share Florence’s current bedroom but why make that upheaval right now when we really don’t have to and wouldn’t have used it? And so… Middle landing area in our bedroom has become a nursery space (guess we can’t call it a room) for baby number 4.

The gorgeous cot and some shelves have been added while I have some nifty under the cot storage for the baby clothes. But I didn’t want to leave it at just that and did want to decorate the room accordingly and so… We set to making the dressing area a pink and gold haven which graduated into the baby’s domain and merged out the other side into the space our own bed is. I had this vision for the dressing room to have a dusky pink wall with gold accents and then near the cot a big golden circle painted on the wall with a shelf full of baby bits and around it some Vinyl Wall Stickers to completely adapt the space. I wanted black and white and gold and the same sort of pink to see one room seamlessly to the other. I was also rather keen on animals and animal prints. I needed a look I could easily transfer to the baby’s actual room when they have one and one which wouldn’t compromise the walls for when we turn the space back into one which is simply to transition from one side of the room to the other!

Raffie’s nursery was gorgeous – he never slept in it so now the cot resides in the middle area of our loft room for our last baby who we have finally realised doesn’t need a whole new room just yet but it is lovely to have a space just for them all the same!

So near to the big gold circle but above the cot I thought these gold flamingo vinyl wall stickers would work a treat. Kids love flamingos (mine do at least) and it totally fitted in with the feel of the space!

These are from Tenstickers.co.uk!

And without wanting to make the area fussy but still wanting it to be defined as a specific “area” I decided a rug to go on the floor in black and white with a pop of pink (and a touch of blue) in leopard would be just the ticket. Colourful Vinyl Rugs are brilliant as they can be wiped clean (always good near a baby) and bring just the right look with very little effort. They’re pretty affordable at TenStickers.co.uk as well!

I love this round rug to sit half under the cot leaving a semi-circle to stand on when soothing a baby drifting off to sleep inside it (laughable if you know my babies) or when changing its nappy using the cot top changer (now here’s where I’ll be)!

And that was it. All we did and pretty simple really but the space looks lovely and the baby will never know it didn’t have its own room to begin with because it wouldn’t have gone in it any way. At some point I’ll look forward to the day I can to move these things into the space just for the children but right now we have a nursery area and I blooming love it!


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