Lockdown Diary Week 3!

Lockdown Diary Week 3!

I think we’re well in the groove of it now, that’s not to say we wouldn’t wish it over sooner because it’s rubbish not being able to see our friends and family but we are trying very hard to make the best of it and, dare I say it, enjoying our time together as the sun has been shining and actually, we do all rather like each other so it’s not particularly a hardship spending time with those we love. It IS a hardship missing others we love but we know we are doing the right thing and while we could mope and feel sad I do think that would be non productive to a happy and healthy mind.

It’s been suggested on social media that we shouldn’t be enjoying ourselves and those of us who post positively are not being fair but I’m afraid that’s how we are coping so balls to anyone who wants to tell us off. We WILL make the best of this mainly for the children and I won’t be told off for doing so! So there!

This week started with a bit of a hiccup as Raffie somehow picked up a sickness bug (how when we haven’t been out?) but soon got over it less than 24 hours later thankfully. I wonder if it was teeth? I have also been having a bad bout of sinusitis but have been dosing myself up and absolutely able to cope so I can’t moan. A LOT of television has been watched (who cares?!) and we have been chatting with our family and pals over the Zoom and House Party apps which has been lovely.

In the run up to Easter it’s been more arts and crafts and painting in the garden. More building projects and music projects in the pipeline with Daddy and then easter weekend we did manage to source some lamb for a roast as well as find that the Easter Bunny who is, according to the NZ Prime Minister, a key worker, did anage to deliver to us so we feel super lucky!

Our own PM has been terribly poorly with the virus and we have kept him in our thoughts along with all the others at this most terrible time. This isn’t about politics and I have felt saddened to read other left wingers, people I usually find like mindedness with, not able to say nice things or wish him well because they don’t agree with his policies and the way he’s run things. I think we have to remember this is a man, a father, a son, a loved person. A person who is human. We don’t have to agree with everyone, we do have to try and be kind though. I don’t think he and I would see eye to eye on many political levels but I think he could still be a lovely guy and whether he is or not, he’s not a truly bad one. I’ve lots of friends who don’t believe in the same politics as me, I love them. I don’t make deals on friendship based on personal beliefs of politics. Life is multicoloured and I embrace difference. I think Boris has done a fine job so far and hope he’s back to his best as soon as possible!

It wasn’t what we would have had in an ideal world but it was pretty lovely Easter made all the better for a video chat with my Mum!

We have still been enjoying our one hour of family exercise out of the house per day. Honestly no one would know if we were out all day but we think it’s very important to observe the rules – we want this over quickly, I just hope everyone else felt the same!
Food is not awful to get hold of but supermarket delivery and click and collect slots are. We don’t want to go to the supermarket so I’ve been using my store cupboard ingredients as wisely as I can while we wait for our slot. It’s a difference in lifestyle not being able to shop on a whim but it’s not terrible, in fact it might be good for us! This was curried falafel with home made raita and flat breads!
More arts and crafts – this time with an Easter feel!
Poor old Raff had a poorly day but all made a lot better with his big brother!
Lots of baking has kept us busy – it’s a good job we do Joe Wick’s workouts daily!
Mary berry’s chocolate and banana bread went down a treat!
Chef’s prerogative!
More chocolatey treats with smores on the firepit!
Well we can’t do a lot but we can eat and we can exercise so we are doing both with gumption!
This one is VERY keen on smores!
This one not so much but he didn’t half like roasting the marshmallows which was a bit of a heart stopper!
Note the arm on Raffie’s shoulder!
Ah sunshine how we love you!
More fun in the garden!
Picnics in the garden!
This one did some modelling of his new clothes for my Instagram!
Which he very quickly got messy!
But when it’s been as hot as it has been you don’t really need clothing, just old sunnies to match your sister!
Just so pleased they have been (mostly) getting on and having tremendous fun together!
Florence made these Easter nests!
They were very appreciated by her brothers!
Oh to be two in your birthday suit with a watering can – look at the gorgeous rabbit cans the big kids have made and planted with sunflowers for Easter!
Flobo looking about 25!
And I enjoyed the sun in my old sun dress which has ALWAYS been too tight but not fits – thrilled!
Saturday night BBQ!
We started Easter Sunday with eggs for breakfast!
Which really set the tone for the day!
Then we had more chocolate as the Easter Bunny did make it to us!
We did miss Gram who usually is chief assister to the Easter Bunny!
Lots of eating on the way around!
And after!
Oh and the sun shone!
It was beautiful!
Sunshine, paddling pools and wellies it seems!
We had lamb (thanks Gram for the leg which was an Easter present)!
And Pavlova to make a change from chocolate!
Even this one enjoyed the food with gusto!
It really was a terrific day!
These three though!
My absolute favourites!
We had a very happy Easter and feel very lucky!
What a quaran-TEAM!