Lockdown Diary Week Fifteen!

Lockdown Diary Week Fifteen!

Our second week of home school without our key teacher person for three days of the week felt a little easier. We got ahead of the game by being a day in hand with our work meaning camping at Gram’s could happen for the big two again and I got to feel like I had a day off from the teaching – which isn’t really teaching as I don’t generally know any of the answers and have to learn them all as we go!

The weather hasn’t been QUITE as glorious but we have still enjoyed outdoors and having fun in the sun when it did come out to play and we have felt an ever increasing sense of normality. I still don’t want to go to the shops though and feel there is no need and I still don’t want to get too close to people which actually is government guidelines anyway but so many people seem to be ignoring that. Looking around and it very definitely seems like I’ in the minority by keeping a social distance but keep it we will!

This week marked the one hundredth in lockdown on Tuesday, imagine that! 100 days of living differently and like we could have never imagined before. It has eased and we have our bubble with my Mum as well as careful meet ups with others but essentially we are still living very differently and 100 days seems like a massive mile stone. We have just 2 weeks and a couple of days left now until the summer holidays when I will finish this diary and begin my usual and annual summer holiday one. I realise this year it will be pretty similar to this one as there will be no Spanish holiday or massive day trips but I have to mark the end somewhere and as our government have pledged to have all children back in school come September the summer holidays beginning seems like a good place to say our lockdown diary will finish.

It definitely doesn’t feel like the ending of this period however and I know that we will have many ongoing elements to our now changed lives even after September. Funny to think about!

Monday was actually cold at about 14 degrees, a real contrast to last week and Raffie still wasn’t feeling himself after his bug last week so we didn’t do much at all. School work and a visit to Gram with a pizza car picnic on the way. In the afternoon Florence and I went for a walk with some of our besties and that was Monday!
So…Tuesday marked 100 days since the first day off school. 100 days of lockdown. Isn’t that amazing! 100 days wasn’t great for us as Jonny was teaching leaving me to do the home school and it didn’t go brilliantly. Let’s just say Jimmy and I will get on a whole heap better when it’s the summer holidays and we don’t have to do this anymore. I’m so sick of it at 100 days I can’t tell you. 100 days. ONE HUNDRED DAYS! After school work we did go for a nice family walk and I insisted upon a picture for posterity. I haven’t been taking as many having lost the impetus with the sunshine. It will come back but man, 100 days is a long time to be locked down!
We bagin the 1st of July on Wednesday with some exercise – a 7 minute thing for Florence and I did Joe Wicks (creature of habit me) while the boys ate breakfast!
Then the dreaded home school which was better today as Jimmy and I made a pact, he would try and I wouldn’t get angry! It worked so so far so good!
The weather, still wet and cool, meant no outside picnics for lunch – again!
And Florence was allowed to meet one friend on their own for a socially distanced skate. It was rained off after half an hour poor things!
When Jonny got home after lunch we drove to the river at Bawburgh in between rain showers!
Trees to climb!
Kept the big two happy!
And a place to paddle toes made Raffie’s day!
Thirsday and with school work all complete before the end of the week the day before we took the opportunity to have a family bike ride – picture was a bit hard to get so we have grass and it’s on the wonk!
In the afternoon Florence and Jimmy had their on line ukulele class!
I love that they’ve both been able to keep these clases up for a smidgen of normality even if it is by Zoom!
On Friday, with all our work already completed, we spent some time in my Mum’s garden where the boys had great fun!
Raffie always stuck like glue to Jimmy!
Saturday saw my largest column to date in the EDP and Norwich Evening News where I had a whole page to talk about the new lockdown rules and how it will change things for Grandparents with their Grandchildren. Feel very proud of this one!
We went on another family bike ride and tried out a new seat my friend gave us for Raffie – it’s a bit quicker for a quick bike ride than the trailer and lovely to be able to talk to him as we go!
Beautiful Florence, one of the apples of my eye in front of an apple tree at a small nature reserve we rode to. She got two new bikes today which was a bit of a story – both second hand, one exactly as she wanted and currently having new brakes and another because Jonny and I both went for sales at the same time. As it turned out it was lucky as she rode the other one today!
Making them pose – again!
And the family shot!
Sunday my column for the Daily Star was out again – this was a good week for published work for me!
And for Florence and Jimmy it was another waking up in Gram’s garden day as they camped over night. I stole this picture from Florence’s Instagram stories!
Then we went to Reedham and fed the ducks!
Before finishing the week with ice cream – Jimmy lucked out and got to finish the tub, always better straight from the tub!

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