Creating A Safe Garden For Your Family

Creating A Safe Garden For Your Family

Once we’ve got kids, whenever we are in the market for a new home, one of the things high on our wish list is often a nice big garden that they can play in. We imagine paddling pools in the summer and snowmen in the winter. We think about big family BBQs and summer afternoon picnics. We picture long, hot days in the garden with our families, and then glasses of wine or cocktails on our own when the sun starts to go down. 

There are many advantages to having a garden for your family. It can encourage you all to get outdoors and move more, give you a way to grow your own food, and to teach your children about nature, wildlife and where their food comes from. People with gardens are often more creative and less stressed out, and if you have a garden, you’ve got a safe outdoor space when a global pandemic hits. 

But, few of us think about the dangers that a garden can bring. There are safety concerns, chemicals, toxic plants and other issues to think about. Without the right care, even a simple home garden can become a dangerous place. Here are some things that you can do to make yours safer.


Consider Artificial Lawn

Grass itself shouldn’t be dangerous. But, the weed killer, feed and other chemicals that we use to keep our lawns looking their best can be. Contact the Artificial Grass Group to talk about your options, but generally, fake grass can be safer, easier to look after, and more attractive. 

Lock Away Chemicals and Tools

If you’ve got a shed, this is the perfect place to keep tools, chemicals and things like paint and cleaners. Install storage, and make sure it has a lock. If you don’t have a shed, find a safe space in your home.

Create a Kids Zone

If you want a garden where your kids are safe to get messy, without touching your plants, consider a kids zone. You don’t need to fence it off but have a separate area for all of their toys and games, and they’ll spend less time in other parts. 

Pay Attention When Buying Plants

Most plants are totally safe for a family garden. But, some will specify that they are toxic, and unsafe for gardens with animals or kids, who may put something in their mouths, or lick their fingers after touching something. Check anything that you buy, to make sure it is 100% safe. 

Be Careful with Water

Paddling pools, water guns and other toys are some of the most fun things to have in your garden, and there’s no reason they can’t be enjoyed safely. But, you should always supervise young children around water, and take care around any slippery floors. 

Keep it Enclosed

If your garden has no gate or can be easily accessed from the street, you may worry about your children playing in it alone, even when they are bigger. Add a lockable gate, and your mind will be at rest. 

Common sense is a significant factor in keeping a garden safe. Think about what you are planting, take time to install storage, and trust your instincts. 


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