New Floor, New Me!

New Floor, New Me!

When we moved into our house four years ago I had all the hope that we’d be ship shape within a year and every room would be decorated and exactly as we wanted it. The reality is that after an initial flurry of a loft conversion and new kitchen we have been rather slow going with the process. Amazing how a new baby in the middle of renovating can set you back!

It is all a work in progress and actually some of the things which were initially done now need re-doing so I’m being more realistic these days and looking at it as a never ending project. I guess things are more exciting that way  (at least that’s what I’m telling myself) for finding the time to do anything with regularity is pretty hard with three children and even in lockdown the jobs have been pretty minimal. Jonny laid some laminate flooring and did a bit of painting in Florence’s room while I managed to do the downstairs toilet (thought it would take a couple of hours, I was in there all day feeling fainter and fainter with the paint fumes) and aside from that my room updates have been staycationing on Pinterest but one day…Oh one day!

My personal contribution to our lockdown decorating!

And at least we do have lovely floors in our living room and garden room. A foundation for anything else which comes when we do have the time. The engineered wood is perfect and loops around three quarters of our downstairs making it feel sleek and full of space and all I have to do is look at it and I feel calmer about the fact there’s painting needing retouching, walls that need complete overhauls and that I really haven’t breathed any soul into any of the downstairs rooms at all – I’m a procrastinator and exactly the same attitude comes to light when buying pieces to make spaces ours. I just can’t make up my mind!

Engineered wooden flooring is an excellent choice and I’m so glad we made it!

I think a floor can make or break a room and for now we are definitely winning because ours are just lovely and they look exactly as they would if they were solid wood but cost less because engineered wood is built up of layers with the most beautiful layer on the top as if the whole piece is the same all the way through..

I don’t think I would ever choose a solid wooden floor over an engineered one because frankly, the only person who’s gonna know any difference is me and my bank balance. A modern house full of light with easy to clean wooden flooring was always in my mental picture and now I have it. I feel all the calmer for it as well, isn’t that funny. There’s so much to do in our house but with the flooring down and looking so beautiful I can allow myself to not worry too much about all the to dos because the bones are in place!

I love the engineered wood flooring in our house, think my domino fan does too! is open 7 days a week with nine warehouses thoughout the Uk and they are open to take phonecalls on 0333 002 0175 to answer all your flooring queries.