The Magic Of Lasers On Unwanted Hair

The Magic Of Lasers On Unwanted Hair

Unwanted hair is always a menace for both men and women. Perhaps women make it more popular with its excessive need and use but it holds true for men too. Laser hair removal has seen people go through various treatments namely, waxing, shaving and threading. It is well known that both these procedures, in fact, all of them leave the pores of your skin completely exposed to infection. At most times, laser hair removal London process is carried out by people who are ill-trained to handle your skin type.  Thus they are unable; and this is true for both people and institutes, to assess the aseptic environment for your treatments.

Besides being painful and laden with skin infections for some patients, these treatments don’t guarantee the pace at which skin will re-grow for each patient. The hair thus, is hard and thick after waxing or shaving. Such type of laser hair removal methods lead to certain skin types being severely damaged and can lead to irritation and wounds.  Until recently there was little talk about how laser hair removal can be carried out safely. That is until lasers took the world by storm.

The magic beam

Laser hair removal has been largely successful because of several reasons. Firstly, there is a lot of planning involved by a medical expert before each session. The dermatologist goes to the absolute grass root level in determining your skin type, colour of the skin; (this helps him understand the extent of melanin in your body) and the follicular growth cycle of the unwanted hair. The procedure is a non-invasive one, which works by focusing on chromophore (atom responsible for colour) melanin, a substance found in the hair shaft. Typically when light of an adequate density is applied to the skin; specifically the hair shaft, heat is generated and this spreads evenly to its surrounding skin cells.

Simply put, each beam has a certain wavelength. This wavelength is as per the type of laser allowing it to permeate through the skin. The laser’s intensity and the time it takes to soak in the skin in addition to the total energy delivered, enables the hair shaft to get heated. Once heated, the beam spreads across to all follicles disintegrating the cells and eliminating the hair from its root.

Benefits of the Laser

Lasers have a huge benefit over the regular waxing. Besides it being quick per session, it ensures that you don’t get the hair back as easily as it might after a waxing session. They also have a definite advantage of burning the hair from its roots thereby allowing re-growth to be completely stunted. Because this is a medical procedure, hair follicles take a while to re-grow and even if they do, the skin is smoother and the hair very delicate and soft.

The best advantage of a laser session especially for facial hair is that the results are visible and permanent. Despite the hair removal, if the hair re-grows; it does in a manner that is least visible. A second round of the session then becomes simpler, faster and completely permanent. Unwanted hair has always been a menace and its best tackled with lasers. It may be an investment in terms of both time and money, but the efforts are worth it in the ultimate analysis.

Laser hair removal is probably the best beauty invention as far as I’m concerned!