Lockdown Diary Week Fourteen!

Lockdown Diary Week Fourteen!

While I am still very much keeping social distancing at the forefront things are slowly starting to feel far more normal than they have done in weeks. Jonny has been at work for three days this week. He has finished his course and is being paid as a supply teacher to look after and teach a bubble. Amazingly but not surprisingly he got his grade back this week for his course and has veen rated as outstanding – we are mega proud if him. All that hard work and determination. 6 years of degree on the OU while working full tine, gigging and being a hands on Dad followed by some massive sacrifices to get him here but he’s finally done it and we are thrilled. He starts his proper teaching contract in September so even though it does scare me this teaching a bubble is good for him ahead of his first permanent teaching post as he is getting some teaching practice, something he did miss out on a lot of because of the lockdown, and I know this is making him feel more secure. The figures, especially where we live, suggest the numbers are low and not to be as worried about as we have been but I do still find it very uncomfortable and would rather err on the side of heavy caution.

I also find home schooling on my own quite scary and this was our first proper experience of that…. We got through the first three days without one of our players to help but it wasn’t my favourite. We spent time in my Mum’s garden enjoying the sunshine and tried to be busy. A strange week of half feeling more normal while somewhat being afraid and yet enjoying that freedom at the same time and also being fearful that none of it is the right thing…

Ploughing onwards and we are nearly at 100 days of lockdown finishing this week on day 98. Unbelievable where time vanishes!

Monday sun day! Our first day without daddy and he was gone all day – we soaked up the sun in our own garden and then went round to see Gram in hers. After doing our school work of course!
We actually did Monday AND Tuesday’s work so that we could pitch a tent in Gram’s garden and the big kids could stay over night for a camp – Raffie got in on the picture action!
Unfortunately Raffie wasn’t very well on Tuesday and woke up with a temperature. He was sick but not much however felt really under the weather and refused Calpol which wasn’t fun!
He sort of peaked and dipped as the day went on and did have an ice cream but he felt much worse again and was poorly for a couple of days!
Florence and Jimmy are always very understanding about not doing things because of Raffie and a day at home was met with smiles – and ice cream!
I’m always so proud of how caring they are!
Poor Raff was poorly for most of Wednesday too but by the time he finally had some paracetamol, he isn’t a fan, he perked right up and was back pretending to play Fortnite with Jimmy before we knew it!
And Daddy put the pool back up because it was the hottest day of the year. It wasn’t ready until the evening but the boys had to have a dip last thing before bed!
Fully clothed for Jim-Bob!
And then again fully clothed because why wear swim wear?! First thing Thursday morning was dip time too!
They love this pool!
And it was UBER hot so we all made the most of it!
Llama days!
Fun in the sun! Felt like holidays!
Especially when Florence got behind the bar to get her mocktails on!
Also the perfect place to sit and read!
The boys took cover under the table on the stone kitchen floor – the coolest place in the house!
And then we did more pooling!
I spent much of the day submerged with my make shift book holder (the lilo) and ring (to keep me afloat) up top with my body cool in the water below!
Friday and Raffie still wasn’t himself but was getting there!
Amd the big kids were shattered after another camping late night at Gram’s!
Saturday wasn’t quite so lovely and sunny but instead very changeable with rain and sun in equal measures. We stayed in most of the day but did go out for a walk by the river in Keswick again which was lovely! Here the boys are bundling on Florence who just took a quick pit stop in a sunny spell and was taken unawares by the boys!
We found trees to climb!
And get stuck in!
And of course whatever the big two do, Raffie has to follow!
Quick family portrait, our first of this week, by the river as we dodged the cow pats!
Saturday nnight we celebrated Jonny’s amazing OUTSTANDING grade with a curry and a family quiz!
And Sunday was mega quiet as this one just still not himself. He’s getting theere but slowly. So here’s to a well boy next week fingers crossed!

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