5 Fun, Outdoor Activities to do with the Kids

5 Fun, Outdoor Activities to do with the Kids

While the sun is out and the days are bright, it’s an excellent time to get out into the garden with your children for some fresh air and a bit of fun. In lockdown, it can be challenging to entertain the children, but being able to go out into the garden opens up more options. 

Being outside means that you will all get plenty of vitamin D, put everyone in a better mood, and allow you to do a range of different activities with your children. Crafts and learning don’t have to stay indoors; they can come with you outdoors. Below are some ideas of outdoor activities that you can do with your children:

Make bird feeders

Bird feeders are a simple thing to make, and they can help to attract more wildlife to your garden so that you and your children can spend some time watching them. There are a few different ways that you can make a birdfeeder. You can tie some string to a pine cone and then cover it in a mixture of lard, seeds, and raisins. Put it in the fridge to set, and then hang it out for the birds! 

Another easy way to make a bird feeder is to get some garden wire, thread raisins, and cubes of apple and cheese onto it, shape it into a circle and then tie some string to it. Once they are hung up, all you need to do is watch from a window and wait for the birds to come.

Plant flowers together

Planting flowers together can be a great way to teach your child new skills, while also making your garden look beautiful. You could let them try their hand at digging a hole to put the plant in, and then show them how to put the plant in the soil gently. If you don’t have a grass lawn in your garden, you could look into getting some artificial grass from somewhere like the Artificial Grass Group and then plant some flowers in plant pots to decorate the garden nicely.

Paint stones

Find some nice stones in your garden and then let your children have a go at painting them. There is no need to be too worried about the mess, because the rain will wash it away, and it can be exciting to see what their imagination comes up with. They might even turn it into a pet stone!

Chalk drawings

Chalk drawings can be a great mess-free way to have some fun outside. They can draw anything that they want to, or you could teach them how to play games like hopscotch and noughts and crosses. If you don’t have a path or concrete patio that they can draw on, there is the option of painting a section of your wall in chalk paint so that they can draw on the wall.


Picnics are fun, and they can feel really special. Something is exciting about putting down a blanket and eating your sandwiches outdoors. To make it even more fun, everyone could bring out a stuffed animal, and you could turn it into a teddy bears picnic.