5 Steps For Your Healthiest Summer Yet!

5 Steps For Your Healthiest Summer Yet!

It feels like summer has finally arrived! Although we got a little bit of a glimpse of it during lockdown, it is time to dust off the BBQ, get the paddling pool out, and get your swimwear on. As fun as it can be, and with more places opening up for days out, the summer can bring with it a lot of temptation to be outdoors for excessive periods, sunbathing for a prolonged amount of time, and plenty of sweet treats too. Not to mention things like hayfever, allergies, and other health issues that can be aggravated by the sun and the heat. That is why it is just as important to make sure that we look after ourselves during the summer, just as much as at any other time of year. So with that in mind, here are some tips for keeping happy and healthy this summer.

Wear your SPF!

If I can give you one piece of advice, it is to wear sunscreen, as the saying from Baz Luhrmann goes. It is so important to use sunscreen, with an SPF rating of 30 or higher, in the summer months. It helps to protect your skin from some harmful rays, and can help to avoid getting sunburn or aggravating any skin conditions that you have. For instance, a trigger for rosacea is sunlight, which there is plenty of in summer. Not only that but contrary to popular belief, it can make conditions like eczema worse when exposure is excessive, and the last thing you want is for you or your kids to be itchy and miserable even if  scratch mittens are as cute as they are effective! So wearing sunscreen can be like a preventative rosacea treatment. Even if you have sunscreen on, it is best to avoid being out in the sun for too long, especially right in the middle of the day. In fact, due to the improvement in pollution levels because of lockdown, the UV rays are stronger than ever! So be safe in the sun. 

Drink plenty of water

During the heat of the summer, lots of body heat and sweat will leave you, which if not replenished, can leave you feeling quite dehydrated. When you don’t have enough water in your body, you can feel hungry, sluggish, and your body won’t function as it should. That is why it is so important to keep drinking a lot of water, and eat foods that are full of water too. Foods like cucumber, celery, citrus fruits, melon, and berries are all good examples. They can even be added to your glass of water for a little extra flavouring if needed. You can get more water in by freezing your drinks, and munching on ice if you prefer. Then you can keep cool, but be hydrated too.


Sadly, summer can mean that there is an increase in dead skin on your body. So that is a good reason if any, to make sure that you step up your exfoliating game. For smooth and silky skin, it is really important to exfoliate regularly. You don’t need anything fancy for it too. You can make your own scrub using sugar, coffee grounds, or oats, and then you just need a sponge or loofah. 

Tackle hay fever

If you or one of the family has hayfever, then in a lot of ways, summer can be unbearable with open windows, day trips, and much more time outdoors. You can help by vacuuming the home regularly, as it can be a good way to get rid of any pollen that has been brought into the house. Showering regularly, especially after being outdoors is a must, and changing clothes after being outdoors. There are some things that can help, which you can get from a pharmacy, but there are no miracle cures for hayfever. Sunglasses outside can help too. 

Keep up the exercise regime

Before you put away your running shoes, it is a good idea to keep up exercising. Though depending on what the weather is doing and what the temperature is, you might want to change up what you do. There are a lot of online classes that you can sign up to, so you can workout from home, or use videos on YouTube to help you to get moving. Walks and bike rides are good options too, and can get the whole family involved. Just make sure that if you are going outside, that you’re covered in sunscreen, and have plenty of water to help to keep you all hydrated.

Have you got any other tried or tested tips and tricks that help you to stay healthy over the summer months? Anything that you think is best to avoid? It would be great to hear what you think.