Lockdown Diary Week Seventeen!

Lockdown Diary Week Seventeen!

This has been the last week of lockdown as we knew it for now we head into the summer holidays and after that the children should be going back to school. The government and Prime Minister I have little faith in at the best of times have said every child will be back in school by September but of course have not stated in which capacity; I assume so that they can do this on a part time basis and still say “well, but we didn’t say FULL time, we just said back in school!” I am not really sure how I’m feeling about the children going back. On the one hand I think they need to but on the other I don’t know if I feel they will be safe enough. We will have to wait and see. Regardless of what I think or want things ARE slowly getting back to a more normal as we knew it with bars and restaurants open and for some schools, though not my own children’s, open to all year groups at various points. My children’s school is only inviting key worker children and the children in the years the government have deemed suitable to go back. I think they are right not opening further and am glad I have not had to make the decision, as I would have done, to keep mine home regardless of their friends potentially choosing something different.

Gyms, theatres and swimming pools have been told they can open and though I would love to go for a swim at my lovely health club I will still be pausing my own membership and not returning until I feel safer. I have very mixed feelings about the level to which the country is now opening and am wanting to wait and see and watch before I start doing things myself. Lucky that I am in a position where I can do that I suppose.

So this part week we have relaxed a little on the home school. The last week of term (and meant to be two days next week) at school and nothing much happens so we decided nothing much would happen here either and have done bits but not a lot. We saw friends from a distance, ate healthily after the excess of my birthday week and Florence and I continued with an online 7 minute exercise app followed by a 4 minute exercise challenge that we have picked up since Joe Wicks took his timetable down. It’s been sunny in places and cloudy in others but we have been outside regardless and now we enter 7 weeks of summer holidays and NO home school thank goodness!

I am planning on taking the children out for a day trip at least once a week – there are plenty of places outdoors which will suit us like the zoo or BeWILDerwood or farms and we can do them distancedly from other people. Florence will have surf lessons (Jimmy doesn’t want to) weekly and we shall spend lots of time at the beach. I’d like us to go for lots of bike rides, camp with friends in our gardens and maybe even go camping to a site as well. We will make it a summer to remember and boy are we glad that school and (for now) the lockdown diary is out for summer – of course I will switch up for a summer holiday photo diary as per usual!

We began the week with no expectation for home school yet Jimmy got up and did his off his own steam for the first time ever and all in time to go to Cromer and meet up with some of our Leytonstone favourites for a distanced day on the beach!
We were over the moon to see our lovely friends!
We went surfing – when I say we I mean the girls!
They had a lesson – Florence’s first of the year – delayed but never more so enjoyed I think!
Raffie wanted in on the action!
Especially with the kite!
Which Jimmy flew magnificently!
I blooming love this picture!
Raffie found solace in the rock pools!
And we all agreed that seeing friends frm a distance isn’t QUITE as good as being able to hug them but it’s pretty darn fab!
Tuesday was a bit more low key with household jobs and a trip to Gram’s to watch TV there for a bit instead of at home!
I’m afraid Wednesday was a bit dull as well. I looked around the house and I may had got the washing pile down (with the help of my Mum) but birthdays and doing nothing do not make for a clean and tidy space so the whole day was dedicated to cleaning. BORING but necessary! I did do the kiddos a pizza lunch though so they were happy!
Cookie and Sophie popped around for a distanced cuppa in the garden which made cleaning day much more fun at the end!
Thursday was a day of excitement for Jimmy as it was his day to go into school and have a distanced picnic. He loved it, my heart was in my mouth! I anti bacced him to within an inch on his return!
While he picnicked at school we went to the common and had lunch over there! It felt very strange being a Jimmy down!
The last day of the term – should be, technically, next Tuesday but we are more DONE than a blue steak on a hot coal!
And the last day of term was also Florence’s year group’s picnic. She loved seeing her friends!
While she picnicked at school it was the boy’s turn for a picnic over on the common where afterwards we all came back to an enjoyed a wonderful afternoon all sat on our own picnic blankets with friends. The most normal it has felt in a while!
The sun shone, it wasn’t too windy to fly the drone and Jimmy once again played the part of Raffie’s hero by being so cool with it!
After a night in the tent at Gram’s it was a slow, sunny Saturday at home where Florence practiced her special effects make up for her acting TikTok account!
We picked some of our peas – I’ve noticed other bloggers calling it “harvesting”. Let’s call a spade a spade though eh, we grew some sugar snap peas in a pot. We picked them!
Gram came back to ours with the kids and we set her on an endurance test with a game of Cranium that lasted nearly 3 hours. I’m not sure she wants to be back any time soon!
We began our Sunday with Jus-Rol cinnamon swirls!
And my Sunday Star column!
And I insisted on one more lockdown diary family picture. In our garden and that’s a wrap! Tomorrow we start the summer holidays and though it couldn’t have come sooner I have to say that we have been very lucky over the last 17 weeks to have had each other’s love, our health and always a way forward in sight. We know that we are the lucky ones. xxxx