The End of The School Year 2020!

The End of The School Year 2020!

Amazing that today is the end of term! Technically the children would still be at school a couple of days next week but we are more done than a blue steak on a hot coal with home school and Jonny finishes today so THAT. IS. IT!

At the start of the year, on their very first day, also a couple of days out as we’d been on holiday, they took their first steps into teacher training (Jonny), Year 5 (Florence), year 3 (Jimmy) and staying at home with me (Raffie) – who’d have thought that actually, for a third of a year and over a whole term, they’d all be at home with me!

So what a school year eh! Jonny completed his course under the strangest circumstances, was graded OUTSTANDING for his final mark and got a job at the school he last trained at and really loves! Raffie thrived having his siblings and Daddy home for so much time but also lost out on a bit of time with just me, Jimmy despised home school and we together struggled through it with moments of genius and finishing up on actually quite a good equilibrium and Florence grew up dramatically (HOW does she look 15?!) and did brilliantly at basically self schooling!

We are all so glad for summer and looking forward to a hopefully more normal school year next year. It still seems so utterly crazy and bonkers that this has happened and school has been at home for all these months but here we are, out the other side of this year and just so excited for some fun over the holidays! BRING IT ON!

So from the first day of the school year…

This was the first day of the school year in September 2019 where they each said:
Jimmy (year 3, age 7) wants to be a money earning gamer.
Florence (Year 5, age 9) wants to be a writer, actor and surfer (pretty much as she is now then)!
Jonny (Year long on the job teacher training course, age 41) wants to be a teacher. Which is pretty good considering the course and all!
Raffie: (staying at home with mummy, age 1) wants to watch Shaun the Sheep!

To the last day of the school year…

Jimmy (finished year 3 age 8) says he just doesn’t know what to say about school this year but still wants to be a gamer! Florence (finished year 5 age 10) says this year has been ok and still wants to be an actress, writer and surfer. Jonny (finished teacher training age 42) says he’s really enjoyed his year though it’s been unexpected in places and he’s looking forward to being a teacher next year! Raffie (continues to stay at home with Mummy age 2) he’s had the most brilliant time and it’s gonna be a shock when it’s just me and him again!