Lollibop Is SO À La Mode With River Island!

Yesterday saw Florence stand at the kitchen worktop for four hours doing arts and crafts. I kid you not! Lots of my friends say their children get bored after only a few minutes but give Florence her ‘making bag’ which is sequins, glue, glitter, blank cards and paper and she’s well away! I wanted us to have a quiet day at home as we’re going to be really busy in the next two weeks but she wasn’t keen so I knew if I armed her with the tools to make the whole house a glitter ball and she’d be happy to forget all about not going anywhere! She loves arts and crafts so much that even when at an event last weekend she couldn’t tear herself away from the ‘making’ table. The craft activity was supposed to be an interlude between proper activities but when I said ‘Let’s go and watch the magic show’ it fell on deaf and very gluey ears! Why would she want to see some magic when a glue stick is on hand!

Craft Florence
Florence is a keen crafter! Sellotape is a favourite tool and if it comes in sparkly pink well all the better!

She’s actually very good, colours inside the lines, draws fabulous people and makes very creative things – yesterday she made drums using paper cups, some sequins as shaker beads and a lid out of tissue paper. She wasn’t prompted or helped, this is what she came up with! My Mum thinks she’s a little fashion designer in the making! (Well amongst all the other things she thinks Florence would be good at – she’s a proud Gram!)

Craft Florence Drums
Yesterday’s drums!

I have just found out that Lollibop is going to have a super special area for craft! Not just any old craft either for this is going to be an area for budding fashion designers (just like my Mum thinks Florence could be) to design their own t-shirt and enter a competition to win a River Island gift card worth £100.

River Island are the main sponsors for Lollibop and will be hosting the ‘Design Den’ where festival goers can go to enter the competitions! The ‘Design Den’ will host craft stations for various age groups and the little ones have thirty minutes to create their masterpiece! Once all the designs have been submitted, the judges will choose the winning t-shirt. One of the lucky winners will have their t‐shirt made into the real‐deal and sold exclusively for River Island kidswear!. I didn’t even KNOW River Island DID kidswear these days – shows what I know! How fab is that? I absolutely love doing fashion pieces for children at the moment as I am really getting into using my DSLR camera and have been doing lots. I had no idea River Island did clothes for children but now that I do I’ll have to go and see!

Florence will LOVE being able to design a T-Shirt, 30 minutes won’t seem long to her but I’m pleased as otherwise we’d probably end up in there all day miss the rest of the festival forgetting it was on! So, the youngsters also need to make sure they have their best smiles ready and are rearing to go as the ‘Design Den’ will house an exciting photobooth area where those cheeky grins and designs will be snapped for the River Island wall of fame – how exciting!

And if I haven’t managed to get to a store and check out the range before then there will also be a small pop up shop selling a selection of kids wear and accessories where shoppers can enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on the day with their ticket. Brilliant!

The River Island kidswear range, for ages 3‐12 years is available at and in over 90 stores in both the UK, and Internationally.

Tickets for the festival are on sale at

I have not been paid to write about Lollibop!