‘That’s Not My…’ Book, It’s Not An Usborne Book!

As far as I can make out everyone with children is familiar with the ‘That’s not my..’ book range by Usborne! Children love them and as each book follows the same format with a topic such as ‘Tiger’, ‘Robot’ or ‘Fairy’ for example, we see on each page why the topic doesn’t belong to us with a touchy feely sample before the last page where we find the one that does belong to us. ‘That’s not my Monkey’ with his tail too velvety amongst other things has long been a favourite of Florence’s and she still loves it when we get to the last page and finds her monkey with his tummy so fluffy!

The format is so similar in every story and the reason being why it’s not or it is ours is very obvious as you can touch the fluffy tummy or velvety tail and see instantly what is going to be read. Florence can pick any of them up and read them to herself without even being able to properly read yet. One might think children would get bored but they don’t and one might assume they’re just for babies but they’re enjoyed by older ones just as much!

We have a new one in our house, ‘That’s not my Prince’ and both children have delighted in it. Florence, as soon as she saw it, instantly picked it up and read it to Jimmy. She assumed the Prince was a King but with his crown why not?! I love these chunky, durable and fun books so much and we could always add to our collection! I’ve just seen on the website that there is a ‘That’s not my meerkat’ and with Florence being such a meerkat fan perhaps that should be our next one?

A little quirky side to them is that on every page of every book there is a little white mouse. See if you can find him, we do and it’s lots of fun!

Jimmy Reads That's Not My... Book
I think all children enjoy these books!

For more information on the ‘That’s not my…’ range and all other Usborne products please see www.usborne.co.uk.