B.Ducks Are PERFECT For Us!

When we were at one of the Christmas shows this year I spied some VERY cool money boxes! They are brilliant for us on two levels but also brilliant for everyone because they are just so darn funky and fun!

The first reason I like them and my initial draw was because B.Duck saving banks come in loads of different colours and some come with an outfit! Two of the outfit choices are ladybird or bumblebee jumpers! (For those of you that don’t know Florence’s full name is Florence Mary Ladybird and Jimmy is Jimmy Buster Bumblebee!) Couldn’t not have them then could we!!

B-Duck 6
Utterly gorge!

They are so super cute and would make an ideal Christmas present! So much more than your average piggy bank don’t you think! A ducky bank instead!

B-Duck 5
The outfits are easy to remove and then you just twist the head to get to the money!

The second reason why we just had to have them is because they are ducks and Jimmy is utterly obsessed with the feathery quackers! He quacks all day long, even in his sleep or when he’s angry he’ll make an angry quack! Ducks, money boxes, presents, ladybirds and bumblebees… (there’s lots more to choose from by the way)! We think they’re pretty fab!

They’re also very well made it has to be said – how cute! You can buy them from Rainbow Designs who also sell some rather lovely Abney and Teal toys amongst many others!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent the products for the purpose of review.