‘You Know’ Everyone Loves ‘Uno’ – Now It’s Got Personal!

We went to a Christmas party in July, actually we went to quite a few! I know it sounds mad but July is the time when retailers like to show off their Christmas wares and get us bloggers excited about the things they’d like us to write about nearer to the proper yule time! They throw parties and we eat mince pies while we peruse the latest toys, clothes and food etc. It’s fabulously fun if a little odd!

This one particular party was in a big house in central London and had been done out in a Christmas grotto sort of way! Father Christmas sat eating festive treats by the fire while handing out presents to the children and the whole house was decorated as if the big day was right around the corner! Each room had a different theme and it was brilliant! Stepping inside from a gloriously hot summer’s day into a winter wonderland was very surreal but very good fun all the same!

Micomms Christmas House 1
A sunny Christmas party!

We had absolutely no idea that while we were at the party our photographs were being taken for a very specific reason and that come a while later we would be surprised with a special early Christmas present but that’s exactly what happened and when we got back from our holiday I had a lovely parcel to unwrap which revealed…

Our very own personalised set of Uno!

My Uno 2
How good is this!

My Uno Cards are just like any other pack of Uno except… They have 32 cards with your own pictures on them! How fab is that!! I’m sure every child is familiar with the game, so popular is it but I bet even if they have their own set that they’d relish a specially personalised one! I think it’ll make an absolutely superb Christmas present and just had to tell you all about our new fun set! The pictures are fabulous and look amazing!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent the game for the purpose of review!

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