Moonpig – Flowers!

I was sent flowers this week, something which I don’t think has happened since my 18th birthday when the bunch that was delivered, although lovely, was NOT who I wanted them to be from… Not ungrateful or anything but I remember the butterflies thinking it was one boy and then bang, it was a different one that I wasn’t remotely interested in in that way… And that was it on the floral delivery front as far as I can remember. My husband has bought me the odd bunch from the supermarket but there’s something really special about a delivery don’t you think?

Moonpig Flowers

My delivered flowers!

To be fair to Jonny I have always told him not to waste his money, they are usually very expensive and the amount of flowers you get for your money are not often worth it but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have been delighted had a bunch arrived! He’s a ma, he doesn’t know how to read the language of woman where we say one thing and mean another!

Anyway, back to my bunch. They were not from my husband who didn’t bat an eyelid when he saw they’d been delivered by the way, but from Moonpig to wish me a happy day! How lovely! I’ve worked with Moonpig before so I know their service is good but I was unfamiliar with the prices of their flowers for delivery. I was sent a HUGE bunch of British Happy Days which comes, at the moment, with a free personalised card and free next day delivery. My bunch which was packaged well in a big box and brought to me by a very mindful courier who reminded me not to tip the box as water may be in it, and for £25 for a small bunch or £28 for the same with some extra stems it can’t be faulted. Is it more expensive than a bunch from the super market? Well, yes and no, I mean perhaps it IS a little more but a bunch this big and with this many quality flowers could easily cost £20-£25 I think and having them delivered is just such a decadent treat!

Moonpig Flowers 2

Beautiful bunch!

I would certainly tell my husband to use Moonpig Flowers if I thought there was the remotest chance of him buying me any in the first place but I will definitely tell anyone else who wants some as they are beautiful! I love mine and feel very special that they were delivered to my door, thanks Moonpig!

Moonpig Flowers 1

British Happy Days flowers from Moonpig!

I was sent the flowers in return for an honest review.