Aldi Gin Win!

So it’s no secret that I’m keen on Aldi’s own brand gin. I wrote about it recently and quite honestly, I can’t tell the difference between it and the far more expensive Gordons. It doesn’t just have a similar looking bottle, I can assure you it tastes pretty similar too. It’s just another reason why I love Aldi!

Aldi Alcohol 1



Aldi Gin or Gordons? Same taste as far as I’m concerned but with VERY different price tags!

Anyway, I have been drinking more Gin this week as Aldi set me a challenge to come up with a cocktail. Well, drinking gin isn’t exactly taxing work is it so I thought I might as well!


I used traffic light lollies as inspiration for my cocktail.

There’s a cocktail called a Key West Cooler with a similar effect and I wondered if I swapped the vodka for gin if it would work? It does! I also juiced my own strawberries (from Aldi) for the red part instead of cranberry juice and instead of using some of the other spirits I simply added more gin!

You build this cocktail with a measure of gin and melon liqueur mixed together, then carefully pour the orange juice down one side of the glass followed by topping with the strawberry!

It was unusual for sure but TOTALLY sweet and drinkable!

I was sent the gin and vouchers to buy my cocktail ingredients in return for stepping up to the cocktail making challenge. It’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it!