My 1st JCB Push And Go Joey And Talking Rocco Rescue – Review!

Jimmy is a typical boy and likes anything with wheels! Trains, cars, buses, planes, helicopters… They all make him smile and want to play, anything he can brum along the floor and it’s an absolute winner in his eyes! It’s so funny, if anything he is surrounded by lots of girlie toys because of his sister but he is still drawn to the ‘boy toys’! Genetics and nature I say! Nothing to do with nurture! We’ve recently started having to wave at fire engines which he gets very excited about and if we see a digger or a combine harvester, well… The excitement holds no bars!

When I was asked if we wanted to review some of the My 1st JCB range from Golden Bear Toys I knew that I absolutely had to say yes as it would please one little boy no end! We were sent the My First JCB Push and Go Joey, £11.09, who has a movable scoop to pick up two boulders with and when you push the cab down he will whizz off on his own and the My First JCB Talking Rocco Rescue, £11.95, who also says five different phrases, has flashing lights and has a moveable play feature.

My First JCB Post 2

My First JCB Push and Go Joey and Talking Rocco Rescue!

Jimmy thought they were both superb and particularly liked the Push and Go Joey! He is very easy for little hands to use and Jimmy thinks he’s very funny! He comes with two big plastic boulders and Jimmy throws the boulders then pushes Joey’s cab and watches him whizz after the boulders!

My First JCB Post

Push and Go Joey!

I’m not sure Jimmy understands that Rocco is a rescue truck yet, we have showed him what the moveable part at the back is for by making him rescue Push and Go Joey but what Jimmy likes is pressing the button and hearing him talk or make noises. It’s not very intrusive for the rest of us and his voice is very cute with an Italian accent! Jimmy also likes the lights!

My First JCB Post 1

Talking Rocco Rescue! 

All in all we’re very impressed with these inexpensive and very pleasing to play with toys. They’re really great for tiny ones who want trucks and diggers but aren’t really old enough to have the ones with tiny parts! They look great but have the added extra touch for little ones of the talking and push and go mechanism!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent the products mentioned for the purpose of an honest review.