My first Baby Annabell® Baby Moves – A Review!

Florence is a baby doll lover. I can’t blame her because I am too! I totally see the appeal and thoroughly understand why one is never going to be enough! Florence sometimes has days when she has twins, sometimes triplets, other days she’ll be the teacher and all her baby dolls are set out as if in a school room. She is JUST like I was so I wouldn’t ever dream of saying to her, ‘no, you don’t need another baby doll!’ because I know just how irritating that would be for her! For special occasions like birthdays, if she asks for another then I understand why!

Out of all the baby dolls she has there are a few favourites. There are three in particular that she plays with more than any others, Baby Born®, who she loves to take in the bath, my first Baby Annabell® Time To Sleep and of course, her regular Baby Annabell® who I think might just be her absolute favourite of them all. There is one common denominator with them all and that is that they are all dolls produced for Zapf Creation… They obviously just know what little people want in baby dolls!

For Easter, where I decided that a present would be a far better gift than mountains and mountains of chocolate, Florence found a new baby doll at the end of her moderate chocolate egg hunt! (Obviously I couldn’t leave her completely chocolate free at Easter!) The new baby doll is another Zapf Creation number and another in the Annabell range and although completely different to the others she is just as exciting and Florence adores her already!


The Easter Bunny hid Baby A in the cat’s kennel for the end of the Easter egg hunt!

As soon as she found my first Baby Annabell® Baby Moves she was utterly delighted! She recognised her as being one from the same range and I knew she was instantly smitten because of this. There really is just something special about these dolls, they are more exciting, more realistic in their functions and super quality.


Obviously as soon as she was out of the box and batteried up she had to go for a ride in the pram! I have never had to change batteries in a Zapf dolly because they have never run out so I’ve no idea how long they last – so far a long time…


This dolly is intended to encourage nurturing, not that my little one needs any encouragement! She loves playing Mummy!


The new Baby A mimics real baby movements and will move her arms and legs when restless!


She will move her head from side to side and opens and closes her eyes.

My first Baby Annabell® Baby Moves makes realistic noises including some rather funny wind! When she is sleeping she will breath heavily and when awake she coos and gurgles. The noises are very similar to the other Baby A dolls but there are some new noises too and she definitely provides a different purpose.

I think one of the reasons I’m keen on the ‘my first’ range within the Baby Annabell®section is that they are small, not tiny, but smaller than the average Annabell at 36cm long. The first Zapf Creation doll Florence had was from this range and I think they’re a little easier for tiny girls to cope with. They are, as the name suggests, the perfect first doll for a little girl (or boy of course).

My first Baby Annabell® Baby Moves is everything she says she will be and super sweet to boot! She has a soft body, another great trait for a littler girl and a delicately featured face. Zapf Creation have a very creative and thoughtful approach when making dolls, I think they have hit the nail directly on the head by making some of their dolls available as boys, different ethnicities and bigger and smaller sizes for differently aged children. I have always found the ‘my first’ range pleasing and the new my first Baby Annabell® Baby Moves is no exception. I only wish there had been dolls like this when I was a little girl. I would have been just as in love with playing with them as Florence is; I totally delight in watching her play with them.

My first Baby Annabell® Baby Moves will be available to buy nationwide in all good toy retailers, RRP £29.99.

I have not been paid to write this post but was sent a my first Baby Annabell® Baby Moves for the purpose of review.

One thought on “My first Baby Annabell® Baby Moves – A Review!

  1. Thx for this review, was looking at getting this for my daughters 3rd birthday and having not seen it in the flesh, as it were, I was unsure.
    My daughter is only just getting into dolls but I think this one will go down well as it’s smaller than average and my daughter is quite tiny herself.
    Fingers crossed she’ll be as happy as your daughter clearly was 🙂

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