My Little BABY born® I Can Swim – New Doll News!

Florence adors her Baby born® from Zapf Creation. She takes her in the bath with her every day! Honestly, Baby born® just LIVES on the side of our bath! And now there’s a new Baby born® on the block! This one might give our one a run for her money in the water stakes as this one is built to swim, has flippers and (Florence would LOVE this) has rooted hair which can be brushed! Take a look:

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Functionality and fun all in one

Water play is set to become even more fun this year following the launch of a brand new swimming doll by BABY born® ; bath time will
never be the same again!

my little BABY born® I Can Swim launches in Spring 2013 and is the perfect beginners‘ doll for little girls.  Occasionally bath times can prove to be a bit of tussle but this new function doll will turn the chore in to a fun part of the daily routine.

When placed in water the new doll will automatically swim on her own by moving her arms and kicking her legs. The swimming action is activated by a water sensor on the doll‘s back that triggers when wet.

Not only does my little BABY born® I Can Swim boast an educational play pattern for little girls, she also encourages nurturing play, enabling parents to extol the benefits of water safety to their child in a fun and playful environment.

The doll comes with a bathing suit, goggles and flippers, she also has rooted hair and comes with two hair clips and one comb so children can enjoy hair play too.

Suitable for children aged 3 plus, my little BABY born® I Can Swim is the ultimate bath time play accessory.

my little BABY born® I Can Swim will be available to buy in all good toy shops nationwide and will retail at £24.99.

I have not been paid in any way to write this post.