My First Panto: Goldilocks And The Three Bears (On Line Streaming For 2020)!

My First Panto: Goldilocks And The Three Bears (On Line Streaming For 2020)!

My First Panto: Goldilocks and the Three Bears streamed to your home!

As with everything 2020, panto season is a little different this year and the easiest and most socially distanced way to do it is via streaming from your own home which also works out pretty inexpensive if you’re doing it with My First Panto: Goldilocks and the Three Bears from the Garage in Norwich!

Snacks at the ready!

The interactive production which is usually produced in an informal setting at Norwich’s The Garage enabling youngsters under the age of 7 to enjoy a “My First” performance where they can join in, run around, take part and watch all at the same time is still able to bring all the excitement and fun but of course in a COVID safe way which works for families with small children. Download your code (£10.50) to join the stream and your ticket will be valid for 48 hours after purchase to watch and enjoy at home for the first time ever. While we hope next year will be back to normal and the thrill of live theatre able to be enjoyed once again, this is a brilliant idea for a different type of year which is inclusive and super fun meaning no one needs to miss out on a perfect panto!

Raffie was very keen!

Raffie was set up with some snacks and the lap top to enjoy Goldilocks this afternoon and has absolutely been delighted with it! He joined in and laughed and enjoyed every second of the traditional story told in a familiar to him setting while being totally on the level for little ones. They’re really kind and caring at My First Panto and everything is appropriate for little eyes – it’s no different when viewing at home and he was engrossed.

There’s music and jokes and “it’s behind you” bringing all the thrill of panto cheer and there are three options to purchase. A £10.50 40 hour streaming package, one for 3 months that costs £15.99 and a package for schools for £250. I am always an encourager of supporting the arts and theatre and at the best of times encourage panto as both a very lovely introduction to theatre for children but also, historically, it is the back bone of the year and was originally invented to tide theatres over financially for the whole year. I think 2020 this is ever more important and we need to show support where we can to the arts so if you want to watch something very lovely while protecting the future of theatre for children and adults a like then this is a brilliant option!

We loved it and we know you will too – the best bit is that this year you don’t even have to be local to enjoy this gorgeous performance. Stream it from wherever you are and catch a little slice of the lovely we are afforded in Norwich, another reason to be living in the city they say is the best place to bring up children in the whole country! Yes, that’s totally true! We have a little bit of everything in Norwich including some of the best theatre for kids so get your fill, 2020 won’t stop us!

Definitely a lovely thing to do from home (and IN the theatre next year too)!

We were invited to watch the show as guests of the theatre.