NOW TV Celebrate Sky Cinema Passes With Trolls Pop-Up Salon!

If you know me then you will know that I get just a little bit excited at the sighting of a celebrity. Call me a saddo I don’t care, I think it’s very exciting to be spotting the shiny people and this summer I’ve had some very good spots indeed including ex PM David Cameron on Polzeath beach! Ok, ok, so he’s not my target celebrity when it comes to the spot and I was very grumpy when the next day on the same said beach my entire family (kids included) aside from me spied the beautiful Olivers out in full 5 children force – THAT’S more my kind of celeb – but it was more than made up for this past weekend when we attended a star studded affair in Shoreditch to celebrate the fact that Trolls movie (among many other family faves) is now available on TV streaming service NOW TV with a Sky Cinema pass!

This weekend, children, parents, top influencers (including the gorgeous Lily and Emily – my pals) as well as celebs like Stephanie Pratt (who is just beautiful in real life), Amy Childs, Michelle Heaton, Imogen Thomas and Linda Robson visited the launch of the NOW TV Trolls pop-up salon, located under a bridge in trendy East London hangout (and my old stomping ground – yes, I really was THAT cool once and used to go out here before it was even a thing to go out here), Shoreditch!

Me with the lovely Emily from Family Four Fun!

Children and adults (yes, adults!) were pampered in NOW TV’s glamorous salon where they could enjoy the real film magic come to life, and my two got thoroughly involved both choosing to be Guy Diamond! The salon’s stylists offered free candy-coloured makeovers, inspired by three of the films beloved troll characters – Poppy’s positively pink look & Smidge’s luscious blue locks were the other two.

Being made into Guy Diamond!

For fans who missed the chance to come down and want to create the totally troll-some look at home, NOW TV has teamed up with award-winning face paint professionals to make a simple, step-by-step Troll tutorial! With the help of the enchanted professional face painter Susie Hillman, the video shows you how to recreate the Poppy look, step-by-step, detail by detail, meaning you can try out your very own trollsformations on Trolls both big and small – see below!

Now you too can look as good as these two!

We had a fabulous time at the party and can’t wait to start watching the streaming service Sky Cinema using our no contracts NOW TV! It costs just £9.99 per month and as I said, there’s no contract so no obligations which is LOVE! Thanks NOW TV for a brilliant time at the party and we can’t wait to watch Trolls again now as well as loads of other movies on this fabulous streaming service which is super inexpensive!

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