Pregnancy Diary – 36 Weeks Pregnant!

Somehow time has marched on and although I am sad to have reached the end of the summer I am SO happy that this spells the very near ending of this third and final pregnancy for me. It has not been my favourite experience ever as you will now if you’ve been reading my diary and it’s been a world away from my other two pregnancies – which were absolutely perfectly easy!

IF I had been planning on having any more babies (which at 38 I wasn’t) then this last 8 months would have surely put me off. From the morning sickness all through the day and night in the first 20 weeks right to now where I am experiencing ALL the heartburn and so much discomfort (especially at night) that I am having to sleep propped almost blot upright with 4 pillows.

I also hate the way I look and can’t wait to get my tummy back to normal. I took a selfie the other day and added it to my IG stories just because it is such a terrible picture I couldn’t help but laugh. I look like a frog with a distended tummy about to get dissected!

Of course I hope there will be no dissection for me and in just a few weeks I shall have a nice and normal natural birth just like the other two. I would be so upset if I don’t get to push this baby out as I know only too well what a feeling of achievement that is. It would be a lovely ending to a pregnancy I have not enjoyed if I can have the birth that I want, at home with my family and with no drugs just like with Jimmy – there will be gas and air though don’t get me wrong! I’m not a total idiot!

I am so unorganised and not feeling ready in terms of getting STUFF done in time but my body is definitely telling me the end is welcome. The cot is up, the room painted and my new shiny buggy waiting for its first outing. But that’s about it… I have so much to buy clothes wise and I haven’t even fully organised what I’m doing vis a vis car seats. Should I use my old one or buy something new? I just don’t know! There are so many new products on the market since I last had a baby and I don’t know which to buy first??!!

I also stupidly did a lot of chucking away before I got pregnant so need to reinvest in quite a few items – how annoying. I’m sure it will all get done (am I?!) and before the baby arrives I’ll be sitting in a pristine house with everything in place and even have batch cooked meals in the freezer… Sure?! Well… You never know do you?!

I am so looking forward to going swimming without a bump – this was me last week at the pool after my half a kilometer swim which is now taking me 25% longer to do than normal – I’m looking forward to swimming this tummy back to shape when the baby arrives!

Nearly there… Nearly there… Nearly there! In one week I will be full term. FULL TERM! Pass the raspberry leaf tea please!

Pregnancy best bits from the kids this week:


When the baby comes I won’t be your baby anymore (sad faced). – Yes you will darling boy, you will always be my baby no matter how old you get! But I won’t be the baby of the family… Ok, I understand, I get it… Do you think the baby might bring me a box of Lego when it arrives (brightening)Oh yes little one, I expect it will. (He totally knows what he’s doing)!


Can I watch the baby come out? – Urm, maybe? – NO! Not maybe Mummy, I want to watch you push it out (makes groaning noises learned from Miss Rabbit having babies on Peppa Pig)Well it might be a bit scary! – I don’t mind, I just want to see it and I can take a video for Instagram – Urm… Urm… (What have I done – she’s a blogger in the making)!