Nozstock: The Hidden Valley Family Festival – Family Camping!

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Nozstock: The Hidden Valley Family Festival – Family Camping!

This is one of the best experiences my family has ever had. We go to a family friendly festival every year but this one is big enough to be BRILLIANT yet small enough to feel really chilled. We’re not going back to any of the others now we’ve discovered this one!Mum I chatted to on way into the main event one day.

My main post about Nozstock is linked HERE (with other posts directing you to SUPER EARLY BIRD TICKETS FOR 2020 here and a bit more about food and drink at Nozstock here) but I wanted to write a little about the family camping site as really it was such a plus point to the festival. Away from the hustle and bustle of the youth who were very well behaved it has to be said, Family Camping is just a little quieter at night (there were a few chatty into the night dads but hey they were on holiday, and it also had some lovely touches which made staying with kids that little bit easier!

Cookie enjoying a camp moment!

We were in a little area with pre-pitched repurposed tents which were laid on for us as part of our package to be working at the festival but it was in the heart of the Family Camping area which you can book but don’t pay any extra for. We were close to well maintained toilets and the shower block and there was a whole little purpose built wooden house for tiny child sized toilets.

We also had a playground which was wonderful as it was hand built wooden equipment right were we were camping and the older ones could go off on their own and still be within ear shot.

The playground was bijou but perfectly placed!
With something for all ages!

As well as the playground we also had a very easy to access tap for drinking water and under a little gazebo of its own a baby changing station with all the mummy bits and bobs we need but often run out of or forget. FREE nappies, wipes and even sun tan lotion was on offer all weekend and though it wasn’t manned no one took the Mickey and these things remained available all weekend. I think this element made me realise more than anything that Nozstock know what family festival life is like!

The well stocked baby change area even came with spare loo roll!

And our camp was great as obviously we’d had first dibs when they pitched for us so we had ample space to move our big trailer (Thule Chariot) around!

Taking the boys into the festival at night was no problem and the path ways were clear to navigate around even with a big buggy!
The kids actually had lots of fun back at camp!
We’d brought bubbles and lots of the other kids came to play with ours. It was really friendly with everyone in the same boat and wanting to help. When a tent sprung a leak and it was raining everyone offered a hand!
We set up a glitter bar and the kids loved it!

So back at camp with kids is perfect in this area but what about IN the festival itself? Well, there’s loads to do for little ones. A big craft area, circus skills, all sorts and of course the entertainment was fun for them too!

Florence and her friends all got henna tattoos!
Which they loved!
Crafting for the kids was mainly free or if a stall did charge for some things they also had free options too. It made it feel very inclusive!
Jimmy loved the reed weaving which had options which were free like his star wand that he’s making here or ones which cost around the £3.50 mark!
I was impressed with all the people doing the activities who clearly had passion and were lovely with the children!
There were also lots of things for tiny tots too!
And all ages enjoyed the music!
As well as other entertainment in the day time and the night!
We took ear defenders but it’s worth noting they were giving away free ear plugs whenever needed so they really had thought of a lot!
And of course there’s plenty of space on the farm just to be young and free!
Big or small!

There are so many merits to Nozstock as a family festival and even when not in the Family Camping area they have been thoughtful. Not just to the kiddos but the adults too. In the main area there is a toilet station called ‘Lootopia’ which again had supplies of things you might have forgotten like sanitary products and sun cream!

I mean a Portaloo is hard to dress up but man they did it!

My best advice when camping with the family is to book the Family Camping area or for a real little bit of luxury you should try ZooBells which are the glamping bell tents which come with beds! We want to do this next time (don’t we Modern Mummy, Cookie Crumbles and Mummy Endeavours?!) – we got a little taste of their luxury when Carolynne’s tent sprung a massive leak and ZooBells came to the rescue. It was like a tardis because it was HUGE inside and now we just have to see them at their total best complete with furniture and beds…

How about a bell tent for a bit of luxe with ZooBells!

One other tip for camping with families is about footwear. I have a strict festival policy of Jellies or Wellies however old you are – it works I promise!

Stick to Jellies or wellies would be my family festival footwear advice!

All in we LOVED Nozstock for a family festival experience and can’t wait to go again!

Don’t forget SUPER EARLY BIRD TICKETS are on sale now – read my blog post linked at the beginning of this one for more information or click here to buy tickets to Nozstock – The Hidden Valley 2020, Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th July 2020.

I was gifted tickets and provided with a tent and some food vouchers so that I could experience Nozstock 2019 and write honestly about my experiences.

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