Nozstock: The Hidden Valley – Food And Drink!

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Nozstock: The Hidden Valley – Food And Drink!

‘One can not think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well’ – Virginia Woolf

When it comes to the Nozstock Festival the food was tremendous but I have to say first if you’d like an overview of the festival as a whole then please read my post here, if you’d like to know specifically about Family Camping then check this post out and if you’d like to book Super Early Bird tickets then you will need to read more here but this post is dedicated entirely to food… What can I say? I’m a greedy big eye!

So… The food was great, really great! I mean it’s expensive to eat out all the time so we had planned on doing half and half and brought with us some of our meals but I really do think it’s worth eating out sometimes if you can as the food at Nozstock wasn’t TOO highly priced and it was generally delicious.

There was lots on offer from burgers to vegan stalls but not so much it gave me the fomo feeling. We even ate at the same place twice which isn’t like us. That was the pizza joint, it was GOOD and at a tenner for a big pizza that would feed all three of my kiddos I didn’t balk!

Florence loved the chicken burgers and I enjoyed a beef cheeseburger with the best chips I’ve ever tasted – how they did them I don’t know but they were GOOD!

Burger and chips anyone?!

We also found that buying drinks out wasn’t bank breaking and this made a nice change from other festivals we’ve been to – even our own village festival goes a bit mental and charges over the odds with its captive audience and it’s a credit to Nozstock that they didn’t. Regular decently priced pub drinks at about £4.50 for a pint and a fiver for a cocktails (which I’d say makes it even cheaper than most pubs! Their eco ethic in full swing you had to buy your cup for £1.50 but then they re-used it giving you a clean new one each time and then at the end you got to bring them home!

Drinks were very reasonable!

Other food we enjoyed in the main area was the jerk chicken which was DELICIOUS, gorgeous veggie wraps and of course a festival wouldn’t be a festival without churros (£5 a portion)!

Caribbean food which was delightful!
Who doesn’t love churros?!
I mean…

The queues were not huge and the waits not too bad. We highly recommend eating out at Nozstock!

I also recommend eating in at times too. We did breakfasts of cereal or egg and bacon butties for our gang and the crews belonging to Modern MummyCookie Crumbles and Mummy Endeavours and I also took with me a chilli that I made the day before and served with cheese I pre grated, guacamole, sour cream and nacho chips for lunch. Another time I used the grated cheese with a tomato puree and wraps to make pizzas in the frying pan and we took with us lots of crisps and snacks!

My best tip for taking a cool box full of food to a festival or indeed any camping is to freeze a milk and use it as a freezer block and you can do this with your bacon (and a bag of wine) too!

The food was yummy, we ate well, thought well, loved well and slept well thanks Virgina!

A breakfast bap back at camp!
Raffie having a wild breakfast back at camp!

Don’t forget SUPER EARLY BIRD TICKETS are on sale now – read my blog post linked at the beginning of this one for more information or click here to buy tickets to Nozstock – The Hidden Valley 2020, Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th July 2020.

I was gifted tickets and provided with a tent and some food vouchers so that I could experience Nozstock 2019 and write honestly about my experiences.

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